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The ultimate early flowering nutrient additive. Add Flower Burst to see a quicker turnaround from the veg to flowering phase, with flowering sites starting to form up to a week earlier. The unique nutrient profile means your plants can thrive during this transitional stage, allowing them to produce more flowering sites and in turn bigger yields.

How It Works

When the photoperiod length is reduced to force the start of flowering a vast amount of changes start to occur within the plant and thus their nutritional needs too. This is the reason for 'grow' and 'bloom' nutrients. However when it comes to the first few weeks of flowering their needs cannot be truly met from just a single 'grow' or 'bloom' nutrient profile. Above the ground they are still busy with vegetative growth ; increasing leaf production, building branches and increasing the amount of internodes that will eventually form the structure of fruits and flowers. Below ground, in the root zone, huge changes are also taking place. Your plants are busy producing more roots so they can maximise their ability to uptake nutrients when needed most during flowering. The issue is both these above and below ground processes require different nutrient profiles in order to work at optimal levels. The above ground vegetative growth typically requires a higher amount of the element nitrogen and lower amounts of phosphorus and potassium, the common profile found in most 'grow' nutrients. Whereas the root growth below the surface needs a greater level of phosphorus in order to achieve strong vigorous growth. As you can see here-in lies a problem, which fortunately Buddhas Tree has the answer for! Flower Burst has been specifically designed for this somewhat tricky scenario of the cross-over between the vegetative and flowering stages of growth. It contains an NPK of 0-10-8 with added Boron to aid the mobilisation of calcium (a critical element for maximum root growth). The near 1:1 ratio of phosphorus to potassium has shown through testing to be the ideal formulation to get the best results. Be careful of other similar products on the market with extremely high P and K levels, these can be detrimental to other important processes happening and can actually cause stress to your plants. By adding Flower Burst you can continue feeding your plants with your 'grow' base nutrient for the first few weeks of flowering. This ensures the healthiest vegetative growth, whilst giving your plants the increased levels of phosphorus it needs to produce a strong root system and earliest possible onset of flowers. Expect to see early flower formation appearing quicker with more flowering sites and the plants stronger and capable of supporting the biggest of yields at the end of their growth cycle.

How To Use Buddhas Tree Flower Burst

Flower Burst is used during the final week of vegetative growth and usually continued for the first 3 weeks of flowering. It is suitable for use in all types of growing medium as well as hydroponic systems. Buddhas Tree recommend a dose of 0.25ml per litre of water. This product should be used alongside a 'grow' base nutrient for it to work effectively. For best results, once you have finished using it, follow up with a high quality PK additive such as Buddhas Tree PK 9/18 to get the maximum results from the flowering stage.

Flower Burst works well when used with Solar Green Power and Advanced Meta-Boost, also from the great Buddhas Tree range.

Buddhas Tree Flower Burst is available in 100ml, 250ml and 1L bottles.


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