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Buddhas Tree Flower Burst is a very powerful early flowering stimulant, designed to improve and enhance the transition from the vegetative stage into the flowering phase. The end result when using Flower Burst will be a superior crop, as your plants have endured a low stress period during this key hormonal change. Flower Burst users have experienced their crops transitioning up to 4/5 days earlier than usual.

How it works

Buddhas Tree Flower Burst is comprised mainly of potassium and phosphorus, completely sourced from raw ingredients. NPK ratio of the formulation has been formulated to the rate of 0:10:8, meaning a ratio of almost 1:1 between potassium and phosphorous. This ratio is known to be an ideal basis for nutritionally based flowering supplements throughout the hydroponic market. Enhanced Boron levels help to maintain and regulate the uptake of calcium. Many growers encounter calcium deficiencies and there are many reasons why this can occur. At least Flower Burst provides one less reason to be concerned with this issue. Calcium is one of the elements that makes the cell walls of each plant and without the strength in these cells you can not produce strong, robust flowers.

Typically, when the flowering cycle begins, you will change your light cycle from 18 hours of light to 12 per day. This change usually happens overnight. However, within the plant it takes a lot longer until the flowering hormones come into complete effect. Florigen, the flowering hormone gradually increase during the first week or two of the flowering cycle, until the vegetative growth seems to end. It is now that the flowering sets have appeared. Flower Burst comes into its own and accelerates this transition.

How to use Buddhas Tree Flower Burst

The Buddhas Tree Feed Chart recommends use during the transition between the vegetative & flowering stages. This potent PK booster is to be used during the last three weeks of the vegetative phase and the first three weeks of the flowering stage. Use at a rate of 0.25ml/L of water.

Flower Burst is suitable for any substrate and for use in any hydroponic irrigation systems (flood and drain, high pressure drip etc). It has been expertly designed work harmoniously with any brand of base nutrient. However works particularly well alongside Buddhas Tree Organicus, Solar Green Power and Advanced Meta-Boost to complete the exceptional hydroponic nutrient & additives range from Buddhas Tree.

Buddhas Tree Flower Burst is available in 100ml, 250ml and 1L bottles.

Reviews & Questions

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