Buddhas Tree PK 9-18




  • Boost your harvest! Claimed up to 40% extra yield!
  • Excellent value for money – highly concentrated
  • Compatible with all irrigation systems
  • Improves quality of end yield
  • Compatible with all brands of base nutrient
  • Developed by world leading chemist
  • Highly popular flowering stimulant

Buddhas Tree PK 9-18 is an extremely effective bloom stimulant based on the tried and tested principle of providing enhanced levels of potassium and phosphorous throughout the flowering process. The effectiveness of PK boosters is something that has been well established throughout the agricultural world. PK Boosters offer the chance to drastically increase your yields, as well as the overall taste, aroma and terpene profile of the end result. Buddhas Tree PK 9-18 is the only stable formulation in this 1:2 ratio currently on the market.

Buddhas Tree are a manufacturer that specifically focuses on formulating nutrient additives used in hydroponics. Potassium and phosphor are both demanded by a flowering plant at a much higher rate than a typical base nutrient can provide. Buddhas Tree PK 9-18 ensures your plant gets exactly what it needs, exactly when it needs it, promising to boost yields by up to 40% when compared to using just base nutrients alone. A bold claim, but one that is backed up by countless hydroponic growers consistently choosing to use this as part of their permanent nutrient regime.


At its heart, Buddhas Tree PK 9-18 is a potassium and phosphorous based additive that provides the plant with the additional elements it requires during the flowering cycle. The end game for a flower is to produce its seeds, the production of which requires much more P and K than a base nutrient can supply alone. It is formulated at a powerful ratio of 9:18 which had previously been something not possible to produce, due to the compatibility of the ingredients all in one bottle at that strength.

Through many years of in-depth research and development by four of the world’s leading chemists, several organically based ingredients have been refined and formulated to ensure that PK 9-18 is the only true soluble PK booster at this magic ratio. With a proprietary formulation, and unique mixing methodology, Buddhas Tree have managed to produce tone of the finest PK booster available on the market at the minute. As a consequence of this unique formulation, the pH is always ensured to be stable, meaning one less worry for the grower.


During the flowering cycle, the plant demands a great deal more potassium and phosphorous as it is gearing up to create its seeds for the next year. In an un-pollinated plant that’s not producing any seed in the flowers, these extra elements go into producing larger, more swollen calyxes throughout all the flower sites. The phosphorus is used in the creation of the cells within the flower sites themselves, while the potassium is stored within the cells and improves the osmotic value of the plant, increasing the overall density of the flowers.

On top of allowing your plant to grow a larger number of denser flowers, essential oil and terpene production is also greatly enhanced, meaning a much more potent end product with a much greater fragrance and/or taste than you would otherwise see. In a nutshell, when you use Buddhas Tree PK 9-18, you will get a larger, stronger and more fragrant final harvest. Something every hydroponic grower surely wants to achieve


Buddhas Tree PK 9-18 is a highly concentrated formulation to be used from week 3 or 4 of flowering up until the flushing period. Always ensure to follow the growth schedule when looking for the appropriate application rates, and at the same time always look to your plant for signs of over/underfeeding. Each type of plant will have a different length of flowering period, so begin to use when it is most appropriate for your cultivar.

Buddhas Tree PK 9-18 has been specifically formulated to work alongside the full range of Buddhas Tree additives, which can be used in conjunction with any line of base nutrients you may already be using. PK 9-18 is suitable for use on any type of hydroponic substrate: soil, coir, pebbles or rockwool. It is a highly versatile and powerful plant stimulant that no garden should be without.


Always mix your nutrients separately to the nutrient solution, so they never contact each other in their concentrated form. This can cause certain elements to react in a detrimental way and you may not see the benefits of the product as you would normally expect.

It is good practice to make use of a Calmag product both prior to, and alongside PK 9-18. Calcium and potassium are antagonists of each other, and you need to ensure the plant has adequate access to both to ensure you achieve optimal levels of growth.

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Good range of nutrients

Tried quite a few over the years. I stuck with Nutrifield for a long time but the downside to it is some of the additives are quite thick and can clog up the lines and tanks. This is on par with ease of use and price but without heavy thick boosters.

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