Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power




  • Improves plant health and vitality
  • Increases strength of stems and branches
  • Improved resistance to pests and disease
  • Improves levels of photosynthesis
  • For use throughout entire growth cycle
  • Compatible with all hydroponic media/substrates
  • Much more stable pH than conventional silicon products

Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power is the result of years of research in to available forms of silicon that aid in plant growth. At its most basic of levels, silicon helps to strengthen every cell wall in the plant. The advantages of this is that plants are much less susceptible to damage from pests and much less prone to the onset of diseases, like powdery mildew. Further to having a boosted immune response, the strengthened cells promote stronger stems and branches, which can support much larger fruits and flowers.

Buddhas Tree are a UK company, that are spear-heading the way in effective plant boosters, focusing exclusively on them to develop and enhance the growth of your plants. Solar Green Power is an excellent representation of their expertise, being one of the few silicic acids currently available on the market.


Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power is not just your usual silicon additive. Unlike conventional silicon based products, it is not made from a potassium silicate. Potassium silicate based products tend to have an extremely high pH level, making their application in a pH. neutral (or lower) solution quite tricky. Further to the pH issue, the extra potassium introduced can often cause problems with the antagonism of some elements, particularly calcium.

Silicic Acid by its very nature is not a particularly stable substance. It is very changeable depending on the conditions it is present in and can (if not formulated correctly) convert into other forms of non-available silicon. Years of development by Buddhas Tree’s top bio-chemists has ensure a stable product that is 100% active 100% of the time.


Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power provides the plant with a wealth of available silicon that it uses to strengthen and further fortify every cell that it produces while it is growing. Stronger individual cells mean stronger stems, branches, leaves and flowers. Having a stronger composition makes it harder for pathogenic fungi to penetrate the cells membranes and infect the plant with diseases such as powdery mildew or botrytis (bud rot). It also makes it harder for pests to damage the plant when trying to feed establish a population and feed off it.

It follows that as the entire structure of each leaf is optimised through the application of silicon, then an optimal surface area of the leaf is exposed to light.  This means that you should always achieve the maximum amount of photosynthesis possible from every single leaf your plant produces. Results gathered by Buddhas Tree also indicate that each leaf can produce more chlorophyll in a silicon rich environment, meaning a greater potential rate of photosynthesis per leaf. Photosynthesis is responsible for producing all the energy a plant needs to grow, so more photosynthesis, means more yield come harvest time.


Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power is a highly concentrated silicic acid based silicon booster to be used throughout a plants entire life cycle. Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power is suitable for use in all hydroponic irrigation systems (flood and drain, high pressure drip etc) and suitable for use on any type of substrate. It has been designed to be compatible with any brand of base nutrient you are correctly using to further enhance the overall growth of your crop.


Never mix the nutrients together in their concentrated states. Always add them separately to your reservoir, until the desired total EC value is reached.

Always store in a cool dark place, and ensure it is shaken well before use.

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