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Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power


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Solar Green Power is a concentrated silicic acid additive; the only form of silicon plants can absorb. Silicon is often described as the missing element for plants and supplementing into your nutrient solution helps them to grow stronger and far more resistant to environmental stressors such as heat, cold and even pests and mildew. 

How It Works

Over the recent years the use of nano-technology has led to the production of colloidial liquid silicon fertiliser with a high bio-availability. This new type of silicon can easily penetrate the plant and form a thick silicate later on the leaf surface and the cell walls. This acts as a form of 'armour' for your plants and means they are much more resistant to common grow room issues such as excess heat and cold. Not only this, they are less likely to be effected by mildews and mould, plus the layer of silicate makes them less appealing to certain pests too. Solar Green Power is comprised of a silicic acid solution in water. Silicic acid is the ONLY form of silicon a plant can absorb. Until recently potassium silicate was the chemical used and added to your nutrient solution. Not only was this highly alkaline meaning that extra, unnecessary amounts of pH down were needed in order to correct the pH level but it also needed to convert into silicic acid in the solution. This had to be done in a specific way by ensuring it was added before other nutrients and within a certain pH range otherwise it would simply drop out and be useless to your plants. Solar Green Power is different, it is weakly alkaline, can be added to the tank or watering can in the usual manner and you can rest assured that it is n the correct form for maximum plant uptake straight out the bottle.

How To Use Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power

We recommend using Solar Green Power throughout the entire growth cycle, from start to finish. The Buddhas Tree feed chart suggests a dose of 0.25ml per litre of water as a root feed. As a foliar spray this should be 2ml per litre. This product is mildly alkaline and therefore will cause your pH to rise a little. It is suitable for use in all types of hydroponic system as well as hand watering, it can be used with any growing media.

Solar Green Power is a great product to add to any nutrient schedule and can be combined with any product. Use alongside other additives from the Buddhas Tree range for great results; these include PK 9/18 and Flower Burst.

Buddhas Tree Solar is available in 500ml, 1L and 5L bottles.


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