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Buddhas Tree Organicus is an all-in-one organic feed for vegetative and bloom stages, that surpasses all preceding feeds available on today’s market. Organicus combines the best, organically derived raw materials. It also contains no animal waste or by-products, making this an organic and ‘veganic’ feed. This base feed will keep your plants growing optimally as well as facilitating the uptake of key, bio available nutrients.

How it works

Buddhas Tree Organicus contains Nitrogen derived from 99% plant matter. Phosphorus is provided through the added molasses and rock phosphate, as well as Vinasse, which provides a source of potassium. Buddhas Tree use Vinasse as it is a by-product of the refining process of sugar.

Organicus contains citric acid which is used in a small amount to break down the rock phosphate into a plant available form. The citric acid is the only non-certified organic element in Organicus. This incredible blend of raw ingredients provides a nutrient that can be used through the vegetative phase, encouraging robust, dense, green growth and the bloom phase to facilitate your fruits and flowers to reach their optimum potential.

Organicus can be used in any growing media and growing system, this makes Organicus ideal for organic soil growers and growers who use coco/hydroponic systems but want the benefits of organic growing.

How to use Buddhas Tree Organicus

The Buddhas Tree Feed Chart recommends use during the vegetative & flowering stages. Use at a rate of 2-4ml/L depending on the grow or bloom cycle, right up to final flush.

Buddhas Tree Organicus is available in 1L and 5L bottles. Organicus sits alongside Buddhas Tree Flower Burst, Solar Green Power and Advanced Meta-Boost to complete the exceptional hydroponic nutrient & additives range from Buddhas Tree.

Reviews & Questions

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