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Canna Aqua Flores

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Aqua Flores is a complete two-part base nutrient for use during the flowering stage. It has be specially designed for recirculating hydroponic systems such as NFT or Flood & Drain. It contains all the essential elements needed for optimal flowering alongside added silicon and chelated trace elements for even better results.

How It Works

It is crucial to supply your plants with the correct nutrition during the vitally important flowering phase. At this point the need for nitrogen is lower, whereas potassium and phosphorus is required in greater amounts. Aqua Flores is rich in these elements as well as chelated trace elements that allow fast, direct absorption with superb results. Unlike other products, it also contains silicon to help strengthen the plants so there is no need to supplement this via another additive. It consists of two parts, an A and B. The reason for this is so a wider range of elements can be incorporated into the formula, this would not be possible with a single part nutrient. The blend also contains pH stabilisers which ensure minimal to no adjustment of the pH is required as well as ensuring it stays stable within the reservoir for a long period of time.

How To Use Canna Aqua Flores

Aqua Flores is suitable for use in any recirculating hydroponic system, these include Flood & Drain and NFT systems. As long as the nutrient solution recirculates back to the reservoir then this counts as a recirculating system. Aqua Flores should be used as a base nutrient as soon flowers start to form. The Canna nutrient schedule recommend a dose of between 2-3ml per litre of water. Always use equal amounts of A and B parts.

Aqua Flores can be used as a standalone feed for the bloom cycle, however for even better results combine it with flowering additives such as those from the Canna range. The include Canna Boost and Canna PK 13/14.

IMPORTANT! Never mix neat A and B parts together, this will cause a reaction that renders various elements in the nutrient insoluble to the plant. Always mix part A first, throughly stir, then add part B and stir again. 

Canna Aqua Flores is available in 1L, 5L and 10L bottles.


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