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Cannazym is a top quality enzyme solution that helps to break down dead root matter into food for your plants. It encourages the growth of beneficial microbes that help to improve the quality and health of your root zone whilst protecting it from disease. Cannazym will also help your plants take up the nutrients they are being fed, this ensures you are getting the best results from your chosen nutrition and means your plants can thrive and grow faster and stronger.

How It Works

Enzymes play a vital role in plant health and the various processes they undergo. Enzymes are substances that speed up the reactions or have an effect on living organisms, in the human body enzymes have a primary role in our digestion for example. Cannazym works in a few different, beneficial ways. First off the addition of beneficial enzymes speeds up the components required for nutrient uptake and absorption in the plant. By adding Cannazym means this process is optimised, which in turn means better plants. Secondly it targets dead root material found in the substrate. Dead material is very common, every time a plant is watered or transplanted the microscopic root hairs found at the very tips of the root-zone shed and fall off. Decaying root matter can be the perfect starting point for harmful pathogens to grow. Cannazym quickly breaks down the dead matter into minerals and sugars for your plants or the beneficial bacteria in the growing media to use. By removing dead roots you help to keep space for oxygen-rich air pockets in the substrate which is great for root health and efficiency. Lastly Cannazym contains a blend of easy to absorb vitamins to help stimulate the growth of new roots and increase the overall health of your plants.

For those wishing to reuse their substrate, Cannazym is the perfect product. The soil or coco can be soaked with Cannazym and the remaining roots will be quickly broken down and turned into a rich nutrition to help get your next cycle off to a great start without having to buy new growing medium!

How To Use Canna Cannazym

Cannazym is designed to be used throughout the entire growth cycle of your crop. It can be used with any type of growing medium as well as added to a tank as part of the watering system or in a full hydroponics setup. For general use, Canna recommend a dose of 2.5ml per litre of water. For those wishing to reuse their growing media, first remove as much of the root ball as possible then throughly soak the media in a solution of 5ml per litre of water, ensuring it stays wet for around 24 hours. It can then be allowed to drain and dry to the required level before being re-used. For the first month of use, you can continue with the higher 5ml per litre dose before returning to the normal 2.5ml per litre from then onwards.

Never use any products containing hydrogen peroxide with Cannazym as this will kill off the beneficials and enzymes in the product and it will not work.

Cannazym works great when combined with other products from the Canna range, in particular Rhizotonic to help form a high performance and very robust root system.

Canna Cannazym is available in 1L and 5L bottles.

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