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Canna Coco A&B is a professional nutrient solution for those using coco coir as a growing medium. The two part formula differs from other nutrients as it does not require a 'grow' or 'bloom' formulation and instead combines it all into one top performing product. Whether hand-watering or using a system, it will help to produce fast growing, heavy yielding plants 

How It Works

Through years of research Canna succeeded in creating the very first fertiliser, specifically tailored to the requirements of growing in coco. Now over 20 years on the formula still remains the same and has been used a basis for various other nutrient lines since! Growing with coir differs slightly from soil or full hydroponic mixes and essentially it kind of sits in between the two. It has the water holding properties usually seen in soil, yet drains very freely when watered like you would expect from clay pebbles for example. Due to it's chemical make up, coco tends to naturally release potassium but absorb calcium when watered. Therefore it is important to ensure your nutrient selection takes this process into account and guess what, Canna Coco does just that! The formula contains a tweaked NPK ratio that with a full offering of trace elements, with an extra emphasis on calcium to ensure the higher demands of this element are taken care of. Unlike other products, there is almost never any need to supplement calcium when using Coco A&B. Natural chelates are also present as well as humic and fulvic acids that help to increase nutrient absorption. 

How To Use Canna Coco A & B

Canna Coco is designed for use only when growing in coco coir. The formula is very versatile and can be used in hand watering, run-to-waste or recirculating systems. The Canna feed chart recommend a dose of 2-4ml per litre of water to be used throughout the entire veg and flowering stages.

Coco A&B can be used as a standalone feed for the entire growth cycle, however for even better results combine it with additives such as those from the Canna range. The include Canna Boost and Rhizotonic to name a few.

IMPORTANT! Never mix neat A and B parts together, this will cause a reaction that renders various elements in the nutrient insoluble to the plant. Always mix part A first, throughly stir, then add part B and stir again. 

Canna Coco A & B is available in 1L, 5L and 10L bottles.


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  • Can I feed my plants coco a, coco b, and boost at the same time?

    Hi there,

    Yes of course, this is perfectly fine and recommended.

    Kind Regards,

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