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Canna Flush is a flushing agent that works to remove any excess of nutrients from your growing medium or plants. Flush is designed to be used before harvest to ensure plants are flushed of their nutrients to make sure your final crop is left tasting its best and an optimised final result is achieved. In the past growers have just used water to flush, however with products like Canna Flush, you can finally fully rid your plants of nutrients for a superior tasting yield.

How it works

Canna Flush works by using a blend of ingredients which pull nutrients out of plant tissue and growing media. It then grips onto the nutrients so they can finally be flushed out, leaving your crop with an unparalleled taste. Growers also use Canna Flush to save a plant that has accidentally been over fertilised.

How to use Canna Flush

Canna Flush is available in 1L and 5L bottles, it can be used with all growing mediums and systems, at any stage of growth.

If you have an overfertilized plant then Canna Flush can be used to purge the nutrients from the plant quicker than plain water. This means your plants will recover quicker so you are able to get on with feeding them as normal sooner. The substrate is also cleansed but good bacteria and beneficial fungi is not harmed.

If you use Canna Flush as a flushing agent, begin the flush 1-2 weeks before harvest. For soil and other absorbent mediums use at a rate of 2ml/L. Water plants until some run off is achieved, leave your plants for a day and feed them with plain, clean water until a desirable 10-20% run-off is achieved. Water as usual after this, achieving a moderate run-off each time.

For hydroponic systems and slightly drier mediums, simply add Canna Flush to your last feed of the day. Add to clean, fresh reservoir water at a rate of 4ml.L and run your final watering. If you have a run-to-waste system, a 10-20% run off is desirable. The following day simply refill your reservoir with clean, fresh water and get back to your normal watering schedule.

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