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A superb flushing agent that's designed to assist not only with the finishing phase at the end of the grow cycle but also for plants that are suffering the effects of over-fertilisation. Canna Flush quickly and effectively cleans the substrate without killing any beneficial bacteria of fungi. It will help to deliver the best quality plants. 

How It Works

Canna Flush works by using a blend of ingredients which pull nutrients out of plant tissue and growing media. It then grips onto the nutrients so they can finally be flushed out, leaving your crop with an unparalleled taste at harvest time. The same method also applies to plants that have been over-fertilised and having nutrient problems, the excess nutrients are quickly and effectively pulled from the plant, essentially resetting it and curing the associated issues. For growers using inert media such as clay pebbles, Canna Flush also enables them to re-use their media.

How To Use Canna Flush

Canna Flush has variety of different uses which we have detailed below.

Flushing excess nutrients (over-fertilisation) - For soil or coco dilute 2ml per litre and water your plants until you see run-off. When they next require feeding, water with just tap water until run-off. You can then resume normal feeding. For hydroponics systems use 4ml per litre and apply for 24 hours in systems such as NFT or Flood & Drain. For watering systems such as a dripper use Flush for the final feed of the day and ensure 10-20% run-off. For the next watering use just tap water, then resume your normal feeding regime.

End of cycle flushing - Start 1-2 weeks before harvest and apply Canna Flush once per week using the above dilution rates but continue with plain water for the remainder of the flushing period.

Cleaning inert substrates - Perfect for reusing clay pebbles. Remove all old plant growth and roots then soak your medium in a solution of 4ml per litre Canna Flush for 24 hours, then rinse with tap water.

Canna Flush is available in 1L and 5L bottles. 

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