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Hydro Vega is a complete two-part base nutrient for use during the vegetative stage when growing in run-to-waste hydroponic systems. It contains the ideal blend of elements that are required to grow strong plants with an abundance of stems and roots that will be capable of supporting the very biggest of yields during flowering.  

How It Works

The vegetative phase is often overlooked but is essentially just as important as the flowering stage. A poor start in life can dramatically effect your end result and it is therefore crucial to use a high quality nutrient to get your plants off to a flying start! Hydro Vega contains a blend of directly absorbable nitrogen compounds, the key element for plants during veg. Alongside this is a range of other macro elements in the correct ratio, a full complement of trace elements and the same high quality EDDHA iron chelating agents found in Hydro Vega to help maximise absorption into the plant. pH stabilisers are also present to ensure minimal adjustment is needed once Hydro Vega is added to your reservoir and once set, the level will remain stable for a number of days.

How To Use Canna Hydro Vega

Hydro Vega is suitable for use when growing with any type of inert hydroponic medium (clay pebbles, rockwool etc) in a run-to-waste system; this is any system where the feed water does not return to the reservoir afterwards. Hydro Vega should be used as a base nutrient as your seeds or cuttings are rooted and established enough to be planted out. The Canna nutrient schedule recommend a dose of between 2-4ml per litre of water. Always use equal amounts of A and B parts.

Hydro Vega can be used as a standalone feed for the vegetative stage, however for even better results combine it with additives such as Cannazym or Rhizotonic, which make up part of the Canna range of nutrients.

IMPORTANT! Never mix neat A and B parts together, this will cause a reaction that renders various elements in the nutrient insoluble to the plant. Always mix part A first, throughly stir, then add part B and stir again. 

Canna Hydro Vega is available in 1L and 5L bottles.

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