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Canna Mono Nutrients are a range of liquid nutrients which contain just single elements in each bottle, except for Trace Mix. This enables growers to target and fix specific deficiency problems e.g. Potassium. They contain the best ingredients and work perfectly alongside most nutrients, especially the Canna nutrients range. The ready-made base nutrient formulas have been designed for a variety of different growing media and different stages of growth; however, plants do become deficient.

How they work

These single elements can be added to your nutrient solution, alongside your feeding schedule to provide additional elements in order to boost things such as yield and growth. If you have experienced pH issues or irregular nutrient changes, your plant may experience a deficiency. With these single element nutrients, you can target the specific deficiency and work to correct it. Canna use only the best ingredients in the Mononutrient range, and they will work to fix specific nutrient deficiencies quickly, with great efficacy.

How to use Canna Mono Nutrients

Canna Mono Nutrients are available in 1L bottles, they are suitable for use with all growing mediums and systems throughout your plants entire life cycle. To understand how to identify deficiencies that you might be experiencing click here. Once you have identified the deficiency you are experiencing, you should flush lots of plain, clean water through the growing medium to clear out any old, existing nutrient held within it. You can then start a fresh and make up a new nutrient solution and add the desired Mononutrient at the rate specified on the bottle and stir well.

For help with these products and how to use them, including ingredients and reviews please call us or check out website.

Reviews & Questions

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