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A complete one-part nutrient specifically designed for rooted cuttings and seedlings. Canna Start gives your plants all the macro and micro nutrition they require in the perfect quantities to develop quickly into strong, healthy plants that can be transplanted on into their final medium or system.  

How It Works

It is very common for growers to halve or quarter the dose of their normal vegetative base nutrient when feeding their young plants. Whilst this might seem like a logical solution as young plants require less nutrition, it is in fact the wrong thing to do! By reducing the recommend dose will indeed lower the levels you feed your plants but often means there is an incorrect balance of macro and micro nutrients which can result in slow growth and yellowing of the leaves. By using Canna Start you can still provide your plants with a nutrient that is gentle enough to cater for their needs at this stage but still provide the right levels of elements that they require. To further increase it's effectiveness, combine with Rhizotonic so your plants can develop a strong root system quickly. This two-fold approach will get young plants very quickly established and gear them up for supporting huge yields.

How To Use Canna Start

Canna Start can be used on all young plants such as seedlings and rooted cuttings. It can be used with all types of propagation media such as Jiffys, rockwool, Root Riots etc, the only exception is that it is not suitable in a recirculating system such as aeroponic propagators. Canna recommend a dose of 4ml per litre to be used during this initial stage of growth and this can be continued up until the plant is transplanted on, at which point you can then move to your usual base nutrient. Canna Start can be applied via hand-watering or the propagation plugs can be soaked before planting out your seeds.

Combine Canna Start with Rhizotonic and Cannazym for a high performance program to develop young plants fast and ensure healthy growth both above and below the ground.

Canna Start is available in 1L and 5L bottles.


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