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Canna Terra Vega is a base nutrient for plants in vegetative stage of growth. It is a professional formula, specifically designed for those growing using soil mixes in pots or a watering system. The single part solution is very easy to use and delivers high performance results with more growing shoots are a fast growing root system to get your plants off to a great start and ready for huge yields.

How It Works

Growing in soil mixes is always seen as a more 'forgiving' method of cultivation, however it is still crucial to provide your plants with a complete and balanced line of nutrition to get the best results. The Terra range from Canna has been specifically designed for this purpose and will supply your prize crops with the correct nutritional requirements needed for the best results. Terra Vega contains highly absorbable forms of nitrogen, a key element needed for vegging alongside a full complement of chelated trace elements. It will ensure a complete absorption of water and nutrients right from the very start of cultivation to help plants grow faster and be ready to flower quicker.

How To Use Canna Terra Vega

Terra Vega is suitable for use when growing using any type of potting soil mix. It can used in hand watering applications or added to a nutrient reservoir in a watering system such as an AutoPot or Dripper System. Terra Vega should be used once cuttings and seedlings have become rooted and established and continued up until the first signs of flowers appear. The Canna feed chart recommended a dose of 3-5ml per litre.

Terra Vega can be used as a standalone feed for the vegetative stage, however for even better results combine it with additives such as Cannazym or Rhizotonic, which make up part of the Canna range of nutrients.

Canna Terra Vega is available in 1L and 5L bottles.

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