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Lumatek 30w UV Supplemental LED Light Bar


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Supercharge the already awesome Lumatek Zeus LEDs with the power of UV. Adding ultra-violet light is proven to give noticeable increases to the overall quality of your end crop. Be prepared for improved flavour, smell and essential oil production, these lights are the perfect choice for the grower who wants to produce the very best results. The strips are simple to install and can be daisy changed from a single power source. 

How To Use Lumatek 30w UV Supplemental Bars

The bars are designed to fit directly to the Zeus LED fixtures. Each bar features a metal hook at each end which latches over the ends of the Zeus LED (see photo). The strips are placed between the existing LED bars on the Zeus, then once in place they can be connected together by using the Lumatek Daisy Chain Leads (sold separately) so only one power source is needed for all of them. For 465w, 600w and 1000w Xtreme models we recommend a minimum of 2 UV Bars per fixture, for the 1000w Pro we recommend a minimum of 3 UV Bars. This ensures the best light spread over the canopy. Always ensure the UV bars are used alongside the full spectrum light from your Zeus LED and never just on it's own. For the best results UV should be used for the last 4 weeks of the flowering stage. Lights 'on' times vary from grower to grower but running them for the same schedule as your main lights is fine, however some opt for a lesser period.

Please note you will need to purchase the UV Bar Power Cable in order to use them, this can power up to 3 daisy-chained fixtures.

Precautions Regarding UV

The Lumatek UV Bar delivers both UVA (near UV black-light) and UVB (near UV Erythemal) electromagnetic radiation spectrum with wavelengths from 280-400nm. They DO NOT produce any UVC. To avoid any biological effects on the human body it is important to switch off your UV bars when installing or working in your grow space. If this is not possible then all exposed areas of skin should be covered with an opaque material.

NEVER look directly at the light as UVB radiation can damage both the eyes and skin. 

Do not put the UV bars in contact with any surface while they are turned on. 

Only for use on plants.

Questions & Answers

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  • Does this come with a power cable

    Hi there,

    The UV power cables are sold separately.

    Kind Regards,

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