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CX Horticulture NilNat (TaNliN)

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A simple to use solution to both prevent and treat the effects of Sciarid Fly (Fungus Gnat). Simply add to your watering can or reservoir and feed your plants.

These potentially crop devastating bugs lay their eggs in your growing medium, they hatch out into maggots which then immediately start eating the plants roots. A female gnat can lay 200 eggs per day in warm conditions! The tell-tale sign you have them is when you see small 3-5mm flies on the surface of the root ball or growing media. TanLin works in a completely non-toxic, yet highly effective way. It contains microscopic crystals which the maggots will eat, this then swells up inside them and perforates the gut wall, immediately killing it. These crystals have no effect on the plant so TanLin can be added weekly as a preventive measure too.

How To Use CX Horticulture NilNat (TaNLiN)

As a preventative measure use 1ml (40 drops) per 100L.

For those who already have an infestation then a more intensive dose is recommended for a period of 3-7 days. In soil/coco use 1 drop per 2L of water and ensure the growing medium is fully and evenly drenched, repeat as necessary once it has dried back a bit. In hydroponic systems use 1ml (40 drops) per 100L, ensuring the medium is completely saturated. If it not done so by the watering system then hand water until it is. Ideally drain the tank back and repeat several times over the course of 3-5 days.

For best results combine with Yellow Sticky Traps to effectively kill the gnats and rapidly break up the breeding/life cycle.

CX Horticulture TanLine is available in a 20ml dropper bottle.


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