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Dr Hydro Fungus Gnat


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A plant-safe, highly effective solution for dealing with fungus gnat larvae present within your growing media. Whilst the fungus gnats themselves are harmless to your plants, they can quickly lay a vast amount of tiny eggs in your soil which hatch into maggots that will eat away at your roots. This can be particularly devastating for young plants. Dr Hydro Fungus Gnat is highly reactive and acts as powerful sterilant that will instantly kill the larvae then quickly break down into plant-safe nutrients, this action therefore makes it suitable for organic crops too.

To use simply dilute 50ml per 1L of water and apply as a root drench to your plants. Ensure that you achieve run off from your pots so the entirety of the growing media is watered. One application is usually enough to treat most infestations but further waterings can be applied once per week as required. Always use alongside Yellow Sticky Traps placed close to the growing media, these will catch and kill the flying adult gnats and break the reproductive cycle so they cannot lay further eggs.

Sold in 500ml bottles.

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