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The natural way to fight against fungal plant pathogens such as powdery mildew. The concentrated solution is comprised of an organic extract that works by activating the plant's own defence mechanisms to help quickly fight back against the fungus and stop the spread.

To use dilute 50ml per 1L into a spray bottle and apply as a foliar to your plants 1-2 times per week. Remember to always try to tip the scales in your favour when battling fungus infections. Firstly ensure adequate air movement throughout your room and the humidity levels are not to high, this will greatly help reduce how quickly the fungus can multiply as it will make the conditions less than optimal for it. Secondly, remember that most fungal issues are not systemic, meaning that the area in which you can see the mildew is the area it is effecting only and it is not within the plant itself. This means that by removing the effected leaves will remove the issue and help stop the spread. Pay attention when doing so as the removal of too many leaves will be bad for your plant, likewise it is important to remove them carefully to reduce the chance of the spores being knocked from the leaves and becoming airborne where they can spread to other parts of your plants and grow room.

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