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Dutch Pro CalMag

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Dutch Pro has developed it's own unique formula to deal with the common nutrient issue growers face; calcium and magnesium deficiencies. The additive contains an ideal ratio of Ca/Mg alongside nitrogen to quickly combat deficiencies as well as prevent them from occurring.

How It Works

Aside from the big 3; nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, calcium and magnesium are arguably some of the most important nutrient elements for your plants. Magnesium is part of the chlorophyll molecule and makes up green pigment in the leaves. More importantly it absorbs energy from sunlight and converts this into sugars. Therefore a magnesium deficiency can impact and even stop the photosynthetic process and thus the process of making sugars and energy. Calcium is a key component to the structure of the cell walls of your plants. It also part of many different enzymes and acts as a signalling molecule. Enzymes have a vast amount of uses in the plant such as helping nutrients transport through cells. A calcium deficiency will have a major impact on the growth and development of plants. 

Nutrient deficiencies are often linked to other elements or factors. More often than not your plant may have had an unbalanced nutrient feed or the pH was not in an optimal range and this will have 'locked-out' the elements they become deficient in. It is actually very common for calcium and magnesium deficiencies to occur in flowering when feeding PK additives. The increased amount of phosphorus and potassium you are providing causes an extra demand for calcium and magnesium. This is the perfect time to consider a Cal Mag additive! However where some other Cal-Mag products fail is they do not take into consideration that by adding more Ca & Mg you then need to re-balance things and increase your level of nitrogen. Fortunately Dutch Pro have cleverly thought this through with the addition of nitrogen in their bottle. 

How To Use Dutch Pro CalMag

Dutch Pro CalMag is suitable for all types of growing media and systems at all stages of growth. The Dutch Pro feed schedule recommend a dose of between 0.1-1ml per litre of water. 

As with anything prevention is better than cure and with this in mind we always suggest using Dutch Pro CalMag at a low maintenance dose throughout your entire growth cycle to avoid any issues. It's addition to your feeding schedule is particularly important if you are using soft or RO water or when using PK additives during flowering. CalMag can also be used to solve plants which are suffering from calcium and magnesium deficiencies but for this we suggest using a dose nearer the higher end of the spectrum to deal wit the issue. 

CalMag works well when used with other products from the Dutch Pro range such as Explode and Multi Total

Dutch Pro CalMag is available in 1L and 5L bottles.


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