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Leaf Green is a ready to use foliar feeding solution that is very easily absorbed by your plants. It is a great product to use throughout the vegetative stage to boost growth rates and is especially recommended for plants which may be struggling during their initial development. Leaf Green is a great all round vitality improver and also effective at dealing with nutrient deficiencies.

How It Works

Leaf Green contains a blend of ingredients including a variety of micronutrients which are vital to plant health. Being a foliar feed allows it to be sprayed onto your plants and very quickly absorbed by them, the effects can sometimes be seen within a matter of hours! This effect makes Leaf Green a great choice for plants which are looking weak or struggling. The high quality components leave no residue on your leaves. Leaf Green helps stimulate the production of chlorophyll; the green pigment in the leaves of your plant and one that is essential to healthy growth. The micronutrients help to prevent and repair nutrient deficiencies and improve uptake. Your crop will soon see an overall upturn in growth and vigour. Correct use can effectively increase growth and therefore reduce the amount of time your plants need to be in the vegetative phase.

How To Use Dutch Pro Leaf Green

Leaf Green requires no dilution as it is ready to use in the bottle. We suggest transferring the liquid to a spray bottle of your choice so you can effectively foliar feed your plants with it. The Dutch Pro feed schedule recommend using Leaf Green once per week throughout the vegetative stage and this can also be continued into early flowering if desired.

IMPORTANT! Only spray your plants around 15 minutes before your lights are due to turn off. Failure to do so will likely lead to leaves becoming burnt. Alternatively you can spray while your lights are out but always ensure you leave at least 3 hours before they are due to come back on to allow for Leaf Green to be absorbed.

Leaf Green is part of the fantastic range of plant nutrients from Dutch Pro and works very well when combined with other products in their line-up, these include Multi Total and Take Root.

Dutch Pro Leaf Green is available in 1L or 5L bottles.

Reviews & Questions

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