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Leaf Green is a foliar feeding spray; this method of feeding is renowned for being key to the superior invigoration of plants. This can be one of a Hydroponic growers best kept secrets. The blend of key nutrients will stimulate the production of chlorophyll leading to the regreening of leaves through optimal nutrient uptake. Leaf Green will work exceptionally with all hydro or hand watered plants in all peat based substrate; rockwool, clay pebbles, or coir.

How It Works

Leaf Green can be used to aid plants that are struggling with nutrient deficiency by entering through the pores of the leaves, once sprayed directly to the plant. The tonic of ingredients will stimulate nutrient uptake reviving plants that are lacking nutrient and in need of added care. A key product to providing your plants with a kick start at the start of their lives.

How to use Dutch Pro Leaf Green

Dutch Pro Leaf Green is available in 1L or 5L bottles. The Dutch Pro Feed Chart recommends use during the cutting and vegetative stages to help struggling plants in the early stages. Dutch Pro recommend use straight from the bottle as a foliar spray when leaves are yellowing and to help struggling cuttings/clones.

Dutch Pro Leaf Green is commonly used with cuttings or plants in the veg stage to assist in the revitalisation of yellowing leaves. As soon as leaves begin to turn yellow, transfer the liquid from the bottle to your spray gun and set the nozzle to mist. Leaf Green should not be added to feed water of hydro reservoirs as it is not intended to be a root feed.

Spray generously from top to bottom of the plant, ensuring the important undersides of the leaves, as well as the tops are completely wetted, meticulously checking that no parts are missed. Please ensure that you only use Leaf Green in low intensity lighting conditions, taking extra precaution not to get any spray on your lamps. Ideally aim to spray the plants when your lamps have just entered the dark cycle to ensure the stomata are still open to ensure optimal nutrient uptake. This will guarantee enough time for the spray to be optimally absorbed before the lamp comes back on; this will reduce the change of foliar burns from the intense light hitting wet leaves.

Dutch Pro Leaf Green foliar feeding spray sits alongside Explode, Multi Total, Keep it Clean to complete the exceptional hydroponic nutrient & additives range from Dutch Pro. We advise against using any foliar sprays during heavy flowering or fruiting as this can potentially encourage mould.

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