Dutch Pro Multi Total




  • Improves nutrient uptake
  • Improves Soil structure
  • Food source for beneficial bacteria
  • Maintains clean and healthy roots
  • Ideal for all substrates/hydroponic systems
  • Perfect to use alongside the Dutch Pro Range

Dutch Pro Multi Total is a powerful blend of ingredients that provide a wealth of benefits to your plant, all leading towards an impeccably healthy and productive rhizosphere. By improving and enhancing the conditions in the hydroponic substrate, you will create much larger and healthier plants, capable of producing much larger yields of an extremely high quality.

Dutch Pro have been developing and manufacturing nutrients from their base in Amsterdam for over 30 years. Their expertise is almost second to none when it comes to producing superior plant feeds and additives. It is no wonder why they are fast becoming one of the most popular brands in the UK right now.


Multi Total is a powerful blend and enzymes and other proprietary ingredients that can really give your plants the edge in a few key ways.

First and foremost, the enzymes help to break down any dead plant root material in the substrate and convert it to available plant nutrients. Keeping dead material at bay helps to maintain a high level of micro-air pockets in the substrate, meaning overall a slightly higher level of oxygen will be available for the root zone. Not only does this help improve the efficiency of the roots themselves, but also helps to increase the population of beneficial bacteria, who generally prefer oxygen rich environments.

Maintaining an oxygen rich root zone, full of beneficial bacteria is a highly effective way to combat attacks from and diseases. Pathogens and diseases do not like oxygen rich environments to begin with and if they must compete with your beneficials to take hold, their chances of success are slim. Your plant can also make use of the water in the beneficial fungi/bacteria at during times of drought, essentially sucking it out of them as needed.

As a consequence of breaking down this dead material, a wealth of immediately available micro and macro nutrients are available for your growing plant, or their bacterial associations. So while your plant is able to build its roots in a much improved, highly clean environment, it also has all the nutrients it could wish for at the same time!

The overall Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) of the substrate is also improved because of the effect of Dutch Pro Multi Total. The Cation exchange indicates how much nutrient a substrate can hold and how well it can exchange the elements. Multi total improves substrate structure, boosting the CEC rate which in turn means an optimal uptake of nutrients by your plant.


Use Multi Total every 2 weeks when watering your plants. Initial application rates during the vegetative stage are 2ml/L, decreasing down to 1ml/L for every watering after that. It is suitable for use in any hydroponic substrate, or peat based potting mix.

Do not mix nutrients and additives together in their unconcentrated form, they will react in a very negative way and not be of use to your plants! Make sure you dilute each one separately into the reservoir, as needed.


Always keep out of direct sunlight and store in a cool, dry place to keep a high shelf life.

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Dutch Pro Multi Total

Dutch Pro Multi Total