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Dutch Pro Multi Total


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Multi Total will greatly enhance the overall health and performance of your root zone. It contains a mix of enzymes, humic and fulvic acids that aid the key processes necessary for turning dead plant matter into beneficial nutrients as well as making nutrients more readily available. The populations of beneficial bacteria present in your growing media will also be far larger than usual. Root growth is significantly improved alongside the overall structure of your growing medium.

How It Works

Multi Total is unlike other enzyme products on the market as it also contains a blend of vitamins, humic and fulvic acids of the purest form and it is this combination of components that gives it the upper edge. Humic and fulvic acids are fantastic elements for plants and will increase the CEC (cation exchange capacity) alongside water retention and the transportation of nutrients around the plant. Humic and fulvic acids carry a negative charge. These negatively charged molecules attract cations (positively charged elements) and attach themselves to them, these include elements important to plant growth such as potassium, sulphur iron and magnesium. When roots uptake nutrients they exchange hydrogen ions for nutrients. By doing so the soil is depleted of said nutrition and the roots then need to grow in order to find more. However every time this happens the soil looses its ability to hold more nutrients. Soil, like humic and fulvic acids is negatively charged however has a far lower CEC level. By feeding with Multi Total the levels of humic and fulvic are greatly increased around your root zone and many more elements are bound to them instead of the soil molecules. This allows your roots to have a far greater amount of access to these important elements resulting in more uptake and faster growing, healthier plants.

As we mentioned above, Multi Total is an 'enzyme' product as well and it contains a whole host of these beneficials to work alongside the humic and fulvic acids. The enzymes found in Multi Total quickly get to work in the root zone, helping to breakdown dead matter into nutrients for your plants and increase the populations of good bacteria and microbes. You will find plants are far more resistant to root-borne diseases when fed with Multi Total. Perhaps it is best to think of Multi Total as a 'soil optimiser' rather than an enzyme.

How To Use Dutch Pro Multi Total

Multi Total is suitable for use on all growing mediums and hydroponic systems. For the very best results it is recommended to use Multi Total from the very beginning of your grow cycle to help it to establish and get to work in the root zone. The Dutch Pro feed chart recommend a higher dose of 2ml per litre during this first week of use, then followed by a dose of 1ml per litre every other week for the remainder of the growth cycle.

Multi Total is part of the Dutch Pro range of nutrients and additives and will give great results when used with their other products, these include Take Root and Silica Von Liebig.

Dutch Pro Multi Total is available in 250ml, 1L, 5L, 10L and 20L bottles.


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