Dutch Pro Original Grow Soil




  • Specifically formulated for soil substrates
  • Highly reputable Dutch Brand
  • Over 30 years of development!
  • Individual growth and bloom stage feeds
  • Exceptional quality base feed.

Dutch Pro Original Soil A-B provides everything a growing plant could desire, providing lush green growth and vigorously healthy plants every step of the way. It has been developed with over 30 years of experience so you can be sure that every bottle contains the highest quality nutrient your plants could ask for. 

Dutch Pro Original Soil nutrients will help you to achieve some of the finest and healthiest harvests you have yet encountered from your plants. It is a unique formulation and combination of macro and micro nutrients that works in perfect harmony with a soil substrate.  Everything a plant could need all wrapped up in one bottle, meaning an incredibly easy application for the grower. All the elements a plant requires are carefully formulated at the correct ratios to ensure the plant can take elements up at the most optimum rate possible throughout its entire life cycle.

Using Dutch Pro in your garden will ensure super healthy growth in your developing plants, and an extremely healthy yield come harvest time. Ideal to use in combination with the whole Dutch Pro range, having been designed to work in perfect harmony with each other, you will be hard pushed to find yourself a better base nutrient for your money!


Dutch Pro Original Soil Grow and Bloom are a combination of mineral salts that are formulated to provide every element a growing plant needs for a healthy yield. The main NPK ratios have been carefully determined to match the requirements of your favourite plant whether you are in the vegetative or generative stage. Macro nutrients like boron, zinc, manganese or others have been added to provide the ultimate availability of the entire spectrum of nutrition.

The calcium levels in a soil nutrient need to be carefully accounted for. A soil substrate will already have a supply of calcium from the lime that is used to counteract the extremely low pH value that pure peat possesses. As it is already present in the substrate, it can be added at a lower rate in the base feed. This means there is no compatibility issue with potassium, and the entire nutrient can be put altogether in one bottle. This ensures your plant has access to exactly what it needs, throughout every stage of its life cycle.


Always ensure that you use equal parts of the A and B every time you irrigate. Never mix the two together in their concentrated form as the potassium and calcium will react together, and form a type of gypsum. It is wise to use the growth schedule as a guide, but always try to respond to what your plants are telling you. By measuring the run-off of each irrigation, and comparing to what was initially watered in, you can gauge whether your plant requires more, or less nutrients.

In general, with a young plant, begin roughly at around half strength, or an EC of roughly 1.2-1.4, and raise this up appropriately as your plant grows and demands more nutrition. Although you can dose the nutrients based on ml per Litre, we would highly recommend the use of an EC meter. The pH levels of the nutrient solution are not quite as important as the EC because the lime within the soil substrate will always correct the pH back to the ideal level in the root zone.

For optimal growth, ensure that you use the entire range of Dutch Pro nutrients and additives.


Always store in a cool dry place, out of sunlight, UV is highly damaging to the chelate.

Always check the strength of your base water, and make sure to take this into account correctly when dosing based on EC alone.

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Dutch Pro Original Grow Soil

Dutch Pro Original Grow Soil