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Dutch Pro Original Grow Soil is a complete 2 part base nutrient for use during the vegetative stage when growing in soil. It is suitable for application via hand watering as well as any irrigation system. As with all Dutch Pro feeds only the highest quality components are used and it is formulated to precise standards to deliver outstanding results.

How It Works

The Dutch Pro 'Original' range of base nutrients contain a blend of top quality ingredients to deliver all the essential macro and micronutrients to your plants. The NPK ratios have been expertly determined from over 30 years of growing and nutrient manufacturing knowledge. Only the very best raw materials are used in the manufacturing process to always ensure that a high performance, clean product is produced that is easily absorbed by your plants and will leave no residue behind. 

How To Use Dutch Pro Original Grow Soil

Original Grow Soil is suitable for use when using coco coir or a hydroponic system/medium. It should be used throughout the entire flowering stage. Dutch Pro recommend a dose of between 2.5-3.5ml per litre and up to a maximum EC level of 1.8. Always ensure you add equal amounts of part A and B otherwise you may unbalance your nutrient solution. Never mix parts A and B neat, always add one part to water, thoroughly mix then add the other part.

Dutch Pro Original Grow can be used as a standalone product but for the very best results combine it with additives from the Dutch Pro range such as Take Root and Leaf Green.

Dutch Pro Original Grow Soil is available in 1L, 5L, 10L and 20L bottles.

Reviews & Questions

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