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Dutch Pro Original Grow Soil is a 2-part nutrient developed for use during the vegetative cycle. The unique and complex blend of ingredients provides all the basic micro and macro nutrients that plants need for robust, healthy growth. This product contains all 17 essential nutrients for optimal plant growth. The high quality, food grade nutrients will receive all the sufficient nutrients in the perfect ratio for your plants, ensuring complete absorption, leaving little to no residue behind. This will ensure plants are kept strong throughout the grow phase.

How It Works

Original Grow Soil A & B is a perfectly mixed 2-part feed that stimulates maximum growth and prepares plants to reach their optimal yield. The formulation of ingredients provides plants with everything they need to reach their full potential. The main NPK ratios have been carefully determined to match the requirements of your favourite plant whether you are in the vegetative or generative stage. Macro nutrients like boron, zinc, manganese or others have been added to provide the ultimate availability of the entire spectrum of nutrition.

The calcium levels in a soil nutrient need to be carefully accounted for. A soil substrate will already have a supply of calcium from the lime that is used to counteract the extremely low pH value that pure peat possesses. As it is already present in the substrate, it can be added at a lower rate in the base feed. This means there is no compatibility issue with potassium, and the entire nutrient can be put altogether in one bottle. This ensures your plant has access to exactly what it needs, throughout every stage of its life cycle.

How to use Dutch Pro Original Grow Soil

Dutch Pro Original Grow Soil is available in 1L, 5L, 10L and 20L bottles. The Dutch Pro Feed Chart recommends during the vegetative stage to provide your plants with all the nutrients they require.

Dutch Pro recommend you fill your soil feed water container with water, then add equal amounts of part A and part B to the container to achieve the desired strength, then mix well. Dutch Pro recommend a dosage of 2 to 3 ml/Litre of both A & B. It is recommended that you use a syringe or beaker to achieve an accurate measurement, use a Bluelab Truncheon to check the TDS. Then adjust as necessary. You should then mix any additives and boosters you choose to use and mix well. Use pH up or down to adjust your solution as necessary. Dutch Pro suggest an optimum pH between 5.8 and 6.5 for the best results. We recommend the use of a pH meter such as our pH meter to accurately achieve the desired pH. It is highly recommended that you allow your soil to get slightly dry in-between watering, however not completely dry. Ty to achieve 10-20% run-off every time to help flush out naturally occurring toxins that build up.

Dutch Pro Original Grow Soil sits alongside Explode, Multi Total, Leaf Green to complete the exceptional hydroponic nutrient & additives range from Dutch Pro

Reviews & Questions

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