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Dutch Pro Silica - Von Liebig Special


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Silica Von Liebig is a highly concentrated silicic acid additive. Silica has a whole host of benefits for your plants these include more resistance to stress, disease and environmental issues. The growth of new branches is promoted and you will find stems are stronger and thicker. Even increases in yield have been reported!

How It Works

There are lots of 'silicon' products on the market, however there is only one type which is available to plants and this is MonoSilicic Acid. Lot's of brands use potassium silicate in their products which is not directly available to the plant and must convert into MonoSilicic Acid when mixed into the nutrient solution. This is a very ineffective way of feeding silica as certain nutrients and pH fluctuations can form a reaction which causes the silica to drop-out and become unusable. Dutch Pro Silica is one of the few products that actually contains silicic acid in the bottle. The raw materials have been filtered numerous times to get the cleanest form of silica without any toxic elements.

While silica is not considered an essential elements to plants it has been proven that there are many benefits to using it. Most notably is the effect it has on the cells of your plants. Firstly, silica will create a layer around the cells walls themselves. This is incredibly useful for protecting your plants from environmental factors such as heat stress or fungal attacks. Secondly is it can actually change the physical characteristics of the cell wall, resulting in low lingin production levels. Lingin is the element responsible for strengthening the cell wall and making it rigid. When the cell wall is strong and rigid it is more difficult for the cell to grow. Plants facing stress from temperature fluctuations or attacks from pests and diseases have higher lingin production. Silica decreases lingin production and allows the cells to extend. When cells extend the plant grows.

How To Use Dutch Pro Silica Von Liebig

Silica Von Liebig Special is suitable for all growing mediums or systems. It should be used throughout the entire growth cycle. It is a highly concentrated product and according to the Dutch Pro feed chart only requires a dose of 0.4ml per litre of water! For the best results it is important to feed your plants within an hour of mixing your nutrient solution containing Silica Von Liebig. Silica is very sensitive to water and by feeding as soon as possible ensures the highest concentration of silicic acid is available to your plants. 

Dutch Pro Silica works very well when used alongside other products from the range, these include Explode and Multi Total

Dutch Pro Silica Von Liebig is available in 250ml, 1L and 5L bottles.


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