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Dutch Pro Silica (Von Liebig) is designed to substantially increase your final yield and train your plants to deal with stress more effectively. Silica is known to provide increased resistance to bacterial and fungal diseases, as well as decreasing stress on your plants. Significant improvements in nutrient uptake when using Silica will promote stronger and thicker stems and further facilitate optimised root development and faster growth.

This Dutch Pro Silica (Von Liebig) is very highly concentrated and uses innovative nanotechnology for optimal efficacy.

How it works

Dutch Pro Silica (Von Liebig) uses high concentrations of silicon dioxide that works to increase the health of your plants in numerous ways. The silica helps to increase the amount of water and nutrients the cells in your plants can hold, this in turn increases your plants resistance to stressful conditions.

The increased resistance to heat and drought makes for healthy, happy plants that develop thicker stems. This results in quicker sap flow and more nutrients can be transported to the correct parts of the plant. Leading to visibly denser fruits with desirable flavour and aroma.

How to use Dutch Pro Silica

Dutch Pro Silica (Von Liebig) is Suitable for all irrigation systems and suited to hydro, coco and soil. This product is available in 250ml, 1L and 5L bottles. The Dutch Pro Feed Chart recommend use at a rate of 0.4ml per Litre from the start of the vegetive cycle to the end of the flowering cycle.

Dutch Pro Silica (Von Liebig) sits alongside Keep it Clean, Multi Total, Leaf Green to complete the exceptional hydroponic nutrient & additives range from Dutch Pro

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