Dutch Pro Take Root




  • Versatile root stimulant, suitable for all hydroponic systems
  • Ensures optimal nutrient absorption by the plant.
  • High-Quality Dutch Brand
  • Provides essential hormones and micronutrients
  • Works in harmony with all hydroponics nutrient brands
  • Naturally sourced ingredients
  • Highly concentrated – Great value for money!
  • Tried and tested

Dutch Pro have been producing high-quality hydroponic nutrients and additives for almost over 30 years, being one of the longest standing manufacturers, direct from Amsterdam in Holland. Dutch Pro Take Root is their powerful rooting stimulant, developed through extensive research and development over many years. Dutch Pro Take Root provides your plants with an almighty boost to their root zone: increasing the size and effectiveness of the rhizosphere, enhancing nutrient and water uptake and improving the overall vigour of your crop.

No self-respecting grower should be without this product. To be used throughout the vegetative cycle and in the first week or two of flowering, it ensures a perfectly functioning root zone, capable of providing everything a developing plant could require. Without optimum functioning roots, you cannot have an optimum performance from your fruits! As above, so below. Ideal for use in any substrate, and formulated to be used in any hydroponic irrigation system, Take Root from Dutch Pro is possibly the ultimate rooting stimulant product currently on the market.


Dutch Pro Take Root is a unique blend of ingredients that have been derived from wholly natural sources and refined to ensure you get the highest quality rooting stimulant every time. It is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that provide your plant with a wide range of essential micronutrients, vital for ensuring optimum rates of growth and photosynthesis. It also contains a range of powerful rooting hormones that directly increase the mass of the roots themselves. It is possibly the most effective rooting stimulant currently available on the hydroponic market.


The combination of micro-nutrients and hormones present in Dutch Pro Take Root provide a unique and powerful rooting tonic that help your plant’s growth in a variety of ways. The micronutrients present within the formulation ensure that there is no hindrance to the production of chlorophyll in the leaves, meaning you will maintain a consistently high level of photosynthesis throughout your crop. More photosynthesis means more energy, which in turn means more harvest! Not only does this overall improvement of growth contribute to a larger harvest, but also to a reduced susceptibility to diseases and pests.

The potent blend of rooting hormones in Dutch Pro Take Root encourages rapid cell division in a root system, and also cell elongation. These hormones ensure that each cell divides and grows at an incredible rate! Not only do they ensure a larger, more productive rootzone, but also the Auxins ensure that nutrients and water can pass the root's cell membranes much easier. This delivers vital components to your growing plants much more efficiently than before, meaning the plant has more energy to spend on growing shoots and fruits.


Dutch Pro Take Root is a highly versatile rooting stimulant that is ideal to use in literally any substrate. Whether you are growing in rockwool, clay pebbles, coir or peat based potting soils, you will notice a vast improvement in root growth and plant health when using Take Root. Its unique formulation means it can be utilised in any hydroponic irrigation system and leaves behind no greasy residues in your reservoirs. 

It should be used every watering, from the early vegetative cycle until the end of the second week of flower at a rate of 1ml per litre of water. Always ensure you pH adjust your nutrient solution after use, setting it to the appropriate level, depending on which media you are using.


Always shake the bottle well before use. Store in a cool and dry environment.

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Dutch Pro Take Root

Dutch Pro Take Root