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Dutch Pro Take Root


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Dutch Pro Take Root is a potent root stimulator and will help your plants quickly develop a strong and healthy root system. It contains a high level of organic kelp which is known for it's plant boosting properties. Your plants will be more resistance to stress and disease. Plants grown using Take Root from the beginning will develop quicker and be able to support the biggest yields in flower.

How It Works

Dutch Pro Take Root is packed full in trace elements, natural plant hormones and enzymes. This rich combination of ingredients is all thanks to the presence of organic kelp extract which is usually a primary ingredient in most modern root stimulators. Purity levels and the amount of elements can vary depending on the source of kelp used, fortunately Dutch Pro only uses premium, food grade kelp that undergoes a multi-stage filtering process to delivery a consistently pure and supreme quality product every time. This is very important as the concentration of the elements found in the kelp are directly available to your plant and will stimulate root growth stem growth and node formation. Plants will have better access to nutrients and the beneficial bacteria in your growing medium will be stimulated make your root zone super-productive and incredibly resistant to disease and pests.

How To Use Dutch Pro Take Root

Take Root is suitable for use with any growing medium or system. Dutch Pro recommend using Take Root throughout the entire vegetative stage and into the first 2 weeks of flowering at a rate of 1ml per litre. It is also suitable to feed to seedlings and cuttings and has been proven to speed and improve germination rates. Simply soak you propagation media in a solution of Take Root.

Take Root works very well when used alongside other Dutch Pro products such as Multi Total and Silica.

Dutch Pro Take Root is available in 250ml, 1L and 5L bottles.


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