EC/CF Calibration Fluid


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It is essential that you keep your nutrient strength meter calibrated to ensure you are taking accurate readings and keeping your nutrient solution within the optimised range. This EC/CF calibration fluid gives you the perfect solution to ensuring your plants are receiving the right balance of nutrition Growth.

How it works

Plants need certain levels of nutrients. This differs during the vegetation period and the flowering period. If you do not calibrate your meters regularly, your readings may be inaccurate, this can result in your plants suffering.

This calibration fluid has a known electrical conductivity (EC) reading of 2.8.

How to use Growth Technology EC/CF Calibration Fluid

Take a reading of the solution with your EC meter, if the reading is 2.76, your meter is correct and taking accurate measurements. However, if the reading is incorrect, it is necessary to use the solution to re-calibrate the meter. To ensure the best performance and results from the meter, this should be a procedure conducted on a regular basis. This fluid is available in 300ml bottles.

Reviews & Questions

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