Eco-Life Organic Starter Kits


Achieve the greatest results when growing organically and get all the bits you need to begin your no-till garden with our Organic Starter Kits!

Rapidly becoming a very popular method, no-till combines the best of both worlds; the simplicity of feeding just water with the superb quality, taste and smell associated with organically grown plants.

Our starter kits contain a handpicked selection of all the essentials you will need for a single growth cycle with options for a single pot or four pot setups. If you have a larger garden why not drop us a call or email and we can create a bespoke package for you!


- Eco Life Soil
- Cover Crop
- Malted Barley Powder
- Hemp Mulch
- Fabric Pots
- Dendrobaena Worms


For the very best results follow the below steps BEFORE you introduce your chosen crop to their pots. However if this is not possible plants can of course be planted out immediately. 

1. Fill your pot(s) with one box of Eco-Life Soil per pot
2. Release your worms (on the 4 pot kit split evenly over the 4 pots)
3. Sprinkle one pouch of Cover Crop Mix and Malted Barley Powder per pot
4. Cover with one pouch of Hemp Mulch per pot
5. Throughly water with around 4-6 litres (we highly recommended to add Ecothrive Neutralise)
6. Keep the soil moist until the cover crop has sprouted
7. Plant out seedlings or cuttings

As with all living soils we always recommend to keep the medium a little more moist than you would with others, this is to ensure maximum biological and microbial life is present. Be careful not to overwater though as this can of course damage as it would to any plants. Aim for around 10% more than you would normally saturate your root-zone. Any waste leaves, branches or unwanted plant matter simply add to your mulch layer and watch as you grow both your soil as well as your plants!

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Eco-Life Organic Starter Kits

Eco-Life Organic Starter Kits