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Enviro ET Series Air Pumps


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The ET Series Air Pumps are the perfect choice for those that require large amounts of air infusion. Their high pressure rating allow them to be placed far away from the tank without any drop in output and with flow rates up to 150L per minute they are capable of oxygenating the very largest of systems from a single pump! These pumps are exceptionally quiet for the amount of air they move. All feature a tough and highly durable casing that is also weatherproof. Pair with any of our air stones we offer and add in a manifold for oxygenating multiple pots or tanks.

Air pumps are a great way to provide a constant flow of oxygen into your nutrient reservoir, which is a key thing for healthy roots and increased yields. It is particularly important in hydroponic systems. The pump is placed outside the tank and air line and an air stone are attached to the outlet(s) and placed inside the tank. Air is pumped through the air line and the stone diffuses it into tiny bubbles in your nutrient solution.


- Output: 80 litres per minute
- Power Consumption: 85w


- Output: 100 litres per minute
- Power Consumption: 105w


- Output: 120 litres per minute
- Power Consumption: 125w


- Output: 150 litres per minute
- Power Consumption: 130w

2 year warranty.

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