Aqua Master Tools E50 Pro EC & Temperature Meter


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Aqua Master Tools are a Dutch company offering a range of high performance testing equipment. The E50 is a top quality and very accurate meter for measuring the EC and temperature of your nutrient solution. The meter is very simple to use and comes fully calibrated with batteries. It will measure EC in 0.1mS/cm increments and temperature in 0.1 Celcius or 1.0 Fahrenheit increments. The unit is also waterproof with an IP67 rating.

How To Use

1. Remove the protective cap and turn on the meter.

2. Insert the meter upright into the solution up to the edge and gently stir. After a few seconds the reading will be displayed on the screen.

3. When you are finished rinse the electrode with water then press the on/off button to turn off.


It is recommended to calibrate you meter every month for maximum accuracy using an EC 1.4 solution. To calibrate just follows these steps:

1. Remove the cap and turn on the meter.

2. Ensure the electrode is clean and dry, then insert the meter into the calibration solution and wait for the value on the display to stabilise. 

3. Press and hold the CAL button for 5 seconds then release. The display will blink and read '1.4', when it stops doing this and returns to the standard screen calibration is complete.

4. Now rinse the electrode with water before replacing the cap.

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