Flying Skull Z7 Enzyme Cleanser


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Z7 is a super concentrated, two-part probiotic enzymatic cleanser. It is not a plant ‘nutrient’ but rather allows your other nutrients to work better by breaking down and removing microscopic particulates, mineral build-up and inanimate slimy conditions. Tanks, pipes and drippers will remain clean with no salt build up, pH will stay stable and your plants will be happier and produce bigger and better harvests!

Whether you’re growing in soil, coco or a hydroponics system bio-film and micro-sized particulates in the root zone are a problem. When the semi-permeable membrane gets clogged it won’t transfer water, minerals and oxygen easily. Plants that don’t get the nutrients they need show a nutrient deficiency. The grower adds more food to compensate. This not only causes problems by over feeding the root zone but also upsets the osmotic transfer of water into the roots. The reduction of oxygen to the roots from bio-film formation is the major cause of root rot.

Have you noticed nutrient deficiencies in leaves, powdery mildew, leaf curl, tip burn, slow growth, pH fluctuations, white mineral build-up, leaf drop, purple stems, browning roots, slimy roots, slimy tanks and more but can’t explain why it’s happening? These are all indicators of microscopic particles, insoluble minerals, or organic matter clogging the roots, pipes, drippers and growing medium. These conditions are toxic to the plant and restrict osmosis causing the plant to be disease and insect prone. Z7 cures these problems and more! Do a side by side test with Z7 and your current enzyme product and after just a few weeks you will see the results. Z7 will outperform every other enzyme product!

Z7 can be used with all nutrient schedules and methods of growing. The only products which you cannot use with it are Hydrogen Peroxide, Colloidal Silver or other enzyme products. Always add to your nutrient solution at the very end once the pH has been set. Use with every watering or tank change at a rate of 0.5ml per 4 litres.

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