Fungus Gnat Predators (Steinernema Feltiae)


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Harmless to plants, humans, the environment and other beneficial insects, these nematodes actively seek out fungus gnat larvae by swimming in the thin film of water on soil particles.  They locate hosts by detecting carbon dioxide and other waste products. After locating pest larvae, nematodes invade through natural body openings and inject bacteria into the insect. Bacteria develop within the insect and it dies of septicemia.

Supplied in various size tubes which can be applied directly to the growing medium. One dose can provide up to 6 weeks of protection. 

Please note as this is a 'live' product, we do not hold them in stock. We place our orders with our supplier when we receive them. Orders placed before 1pm on Mon-Weds will be dispatched the following day on a 24 hour delivery service. Any orders placed after this will not be dispatched until the following Monday. This is to ensure your bugs arrive as fresh as possible and not risk sitting in the post over the weekend.

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  • how do you use can you just sprinkle over plants or do you need to add to soil as i cant get to all pots

    Hi there,

    These Nematodes are to be diluted in warm/tepid water at the rate of 50ml per 20-25L. Therefore 250ml is to be diluted in 100-125L's of water.

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