Terra Aquatica Final Part (formally GHE Ripen)


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Terra Aquatica Final Part (formally GHE Ripen)

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Terra Aquatica Final Part is a refined blend of ingredients, including mineral salts and buffers. When your plants are in the late flowering cycle plants are more fragile and accuracy of nutrient is very important as nutrient transport is significantly lower compared with the vegetative phase. Final Part is designed to accelerate and enhance the ripening process of your fruits and flowers.

How it works

Final Part is designed to be the finishing touch to your crop. It will increase the final weight and speed up the ripening process by providing plants with all the mineral salts they need in a bio available form. It helps to metabolise nitrate or micro element residues which ultimately improve the taste and aroma of the crop.

How to use Terra Aquatica Final Part

Terra Aquatica Final Part is suitable for all growing mediums and is available in 1L and 5L bottles. The Terra Aquatica Feed Chart recommends use during the last 2 weeks of flowering/fruiting at a rate of 4-5ml/L. Please be aware Ripen is acidic and will lower the pH of your solution.

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  • The ghe ripen when making up a solution should I need to PH the water before or after using this?

    Hi there,


    When using GHE Ripen it is advised that you maintain to check and correct your pH.


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