Terra Aquatica Final Part (formally GHE Ripen)


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Terra Aquatica Final Part (formally GHE Ripen)

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The ultimate standalone finishing product with two different uses. Final Part will increase your yield and the production of essential oils and other active principles resulting in a better tasting and overall higher quality end result. At the same time it helps the plant to uptake the remaining nutrients it has available, meaning your crops can be harvested without the need of additional flushing. For those in a hurry Final Part can be added as a 'forcing solution' to trigger your plants to ripen and finish faster.

How It Works

Terra Aquatica Final Part is comprised of a blend of different minerals and stimulants that are incredibly effective at signalling to the plant it is reaching the end of its life cycle and therefore making it activate the ripening process. By doing so forces the plant to ramp up it's natural defences and therefore the production oils and active ingredients. This in turn means your finished crop will have considerably better taste and aroma with more pronounced terpenes. As the ripening process is activated and stimulated this makes the plant naturally use up any remaining nutrients it has available, allowing them to pack on yield in the final days as well as acting as 'flush' by using up the last of the nutrition. Final Part is particularly effective at speeding up the ripening process when used correctly and this makes it a very useful tool for growers who need to harvest as quickly as possible, for example outdoor plants at threat of frost or an outbreak of pests or bud rot. By using Final Part means you can get the very best result possible in what could potentially be a disastrous situation.

How To Use Terra Aquatica Final Part

Final Part is suitable for all types of growing media and systems. This product must to be used on it's own and by combining with other products at the same time will only minimise or stop its intended effects. Terra Aquatica recommend using Final Part for around 10-15 days before you intend to harvest at a dose of 4-5ml per litre. For best results use Terra Aquatica Flash Clean for 2 days prior and post use. You can even follow this up with a flush of just plain water if desired to achieve the cleanest possible end product. 

Terra Aquatica Final Part is available in 1L and 5L bottles.


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  • The ghe ripen when making up a solution should I need to PH the water before or after using this?

    Hi there,


    When using GHE Ripen it is advised that you maintain to check and correct your pH.


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