Terra Aquatica Flash Clean (formally GHE FloraKleen)


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Terra Aquatica Flash Clean is a powerful cleaning product that keeps your system free from salt and residue. This ensures your water runs freely and plants don’t suffer nutrients lock outs from salt build-up. Terra Aquatica, formerly known as General Hydroponics have designed this product to re-dissolve mineral salts that have precipitated out onto your growing media and through your system.

How it works

Over time, all hydroponic, soil-based or coir growing system can develop the issue of fertiliser residue build-up, this is part of the natural growing process. This accumulation of salts will eventually cause your plants stress. Flash Clean has been designed to dissolve fertiliser salts and then release a nutrient bond between plants and the system. This connection helps plants absorb any remaining fertilisers, this is key, in the week just before harvest.

The build-up of these salts can result in clogged pipework, drip-lines and draining pipes. If there is an abundance of salt residue in your growing media this can also cause a great deal of stress to the plants, causing nutrient lockouts as well as slow or stunted growth. Flash Clean does not use enzymes like other cleaning products do, yet it achieves its goal, using innovative technology.

How to use Terra Aquatica Flash Clean

Terra Aquatica Flash Clean can be used in any system or substrate. It really shines when it comes to dripper systems; where it is paramount that the drip-lines do not get blocked.

It is available in 1L and 5L bottles. Terra Aquatica recommend you make up your feed-water and add Flash Clean at a rate of 1-3ml/L. 1ml for younger plants and 3ml for plants in peak health. It is also possible to use Flash Clean as a flushing agent to clear out any nutrients at the end of a grow to stimulate the plant to transport sugars to the fruit and flowers.

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Reviews & Questions

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