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The GN Telos 6 LED is the result of years of dedication and hard work from UK based company, Grow Northern. The robust design has been proven time and time again, to produce dense, abundant crops with a very low power draw. The reason behind this modest power draw is the efficacy in which they convert electrical power into PAR light (2+ µmol per watt). The passively cooled, sealed LED units, use powerful Cree LEDs and superior full spectrum light, ensuring they meet the demands of even the most expert growers. The yields you will experience are easily the same or better than the greater wattage HPS counterpart and with the undoubtable benefits of LED’s, such as less heat, unrivalled reliability and profuse growth throughout your plants entire growing cycle. This fixture would be equivalent to around 250-300w HPS lighting.

How the GN Telos 6 LED Grow Light works

The GN Telos 6 LED light is a very sleek, robust fixture, with great consideration given to the design. They will deliver harvest equivalent or greater in abundance and size to their HPS counterpart. They contain Cree LEDs, these full spectrum LEDs contain the optimised levels of white light with a generous amount of extra red. This combination has been found to be perfect, maximising growth whilst simultaneously maintaining optimal plant structure and health. The LEDs are organised into clusters of 12, half are just white, and the others contain a 50/50 mix of white and red. The heatsink on which the clusters are mounted is large enough to cool the LEDs passively, with great efficacy, with no need for loud fans that unreliably burn out with prolonged use.

The LED optics utilise innovative holographic technology for an elevated, even light distribution with greater light intensity.

How to use the GN Telos 6 LED Grow Light

The GN Telos will adequately cover an area of 0.6m², however, it could be used in a 0.75m² area very effectively. The light coverage makes it an ideal lighting solution for a BudBox Pro Medium Tent or the BudBox Pro Intermediate Tent.  A taller tent to gives more flexibility in terms of how you can grow your plants as well as generally having that bit more space, which always helps. However, many growers choose to run two or more, side by side. In which case a larger tent will be required. Please check out our range of Grow Tents to find the perfect solution for your grow space. Telos recommend a light height of around 600mm. Please remember this is only a guide. Generally, plants can take time to adjust to LED lights. When you first place your plants under your LED lights, we recommend either turning down the power or placing your lights at a slightly higher distance from the light to the top of the canopy. Keep a close eye on your plants and over the next few days the light height can be slowly reduced, or the power can be slowly increased. If your plants show any sign of stress e.g. wilting or leaf discolouring you should increase the height accordingly.  Telos recommend the following:

- Seedlings: Mount 100cm from canopy. This will provide coverage over a 140 x 140cm area.

- Vegetative Stage: Mount 80cm from canopy. This will provide coverage over a 110 x 110cm area.

- Flowering Stage: Mount 60cm from canopy. This will provide coverage over a 80 x 80cm area.

The GN Telos lights come with a robust hanging kit with durable metal eyelets on each end to ensure secure hanging. Use the wire cables and carabiners included with the kit or you can purchase a pair of Rope ratchet Hangers. Please note that due to the weight of these lights they are not suitable for hanging with easy rolls.

Why Choose LED?

The units boast a 85,000 hour lifespan and on a 12/12 cycle you can achieve over 10 years of continuous use from these innovative units. You will not need to change a single lamp over this time period. Unlike HPS lights, there is very little degradation overtime, this means that not only will you not have to physically change bulbs, but your diodes will still be producing near on the same output, year in, year out, just like they did when new, whilst only degrading around 1-3% per year.  LED lighting solutions can potentially save 40% on electricity and studies indicate that LED-lit canopies can generate more yield per kWh. With studies showing growers using LED lighting may experience yield increases and changes in cannabinoid and terpene profiles, leading to more consistent medicinal product profiles from harvest to harvest.


Light Output PPF (umoles)  - 420
Calculated efficacy (umoles/joules) – 2.4
Colour Rendering Index (CRI) – 86.9
Luminaire colour temperature (Kelvin) - 3160
Power input – 175w
Power input range – 17.5 – 215W (Dimmable Driver)
Voltage input range – 90 – 305 VAC (Autosensing)
Frequency input range – 47 – 63 Hz
Input current – 0.76A / 230VAC
Max number of Telos Systems linked (power) - 10
System Weight (Lamp and Driver) – 4 KG
Dimensions (L X W X H) – 309mm, 236mm, 113mm
Ingress Protection – IP66
Cooling Method – Passive/Natural
Nominal Operating Temperature – 0 – 40 °C


Reviews & Questions

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