Grassroots Fabric Beds


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Grassroots Fabric Beds

2ft x 4ft (Basic Fittings)

The ultimate out-the-box solution for living soil growers who want to take growth to the next level! By increasing the volume of soil on this scale enables multiple plants to be housed in a single bed whilst still having more growing media, resulting in increased yields. Grassroots Beds are available as a simple bed setup or they can be purchased with 'trellis fittings' which come with a built in a vertical support frame.

Why Use Grassroots Beds

Built to the same high standards as the Grassroots Fabric Pots and designed specifically for growers using living soil, Grassroots products will ensure you get the very best results from your no-till garden. 

One of the biggest factors which determine how good your living soil results are is down to the volume of soil your plants are grown in. Too little will result in plants consuming nutrients at a faster rate in which the microbes can make it available. By increasing the volume can essentially give no limits on how well your medium performs! This is why more and more no-till growers are switching to a 'bed' setup. The wide range of sizes in the Grassroots range will allow you to completely maximise your grow space with as much growing media as possible.

Using the exact same design as their superb range of fabric pots, the Grassroots Beds feature the game-changing MoistureLock strip in all their beds. MoistureLock is a strip of bpa-free waterproof plastic which is sewn around the inside of the container. The idea of this strip is to prevent your pots from drying out from the sides and directing the water downwards, mimicking how it would drain in nature. This is a particularly important process when using living soil as it is imperative the medium remains more moist than traditional soil and watering methods. If your living soil becomes dry in any area you microbial activity will slow and in some cases completely die. This results in your soil not performing and working as it should. 

By using Grassroots pots and beds you will find you will need to use less water but still get great microbial activity and results compared to standard fabric pot growing. The other great benefit of less water escaping is you will find your grow room humidity levels do not creep up as much so you have better overall control on your environment.

Just like their range of pots, all beds feature the same 4" section around the bottom which does not have the MoistureLock strip on it. This still allows for some root pruning action which is beneficial to your plant as well as ample drainage. The beds are the same tan colour as oppose to traditional black coloured fabric used on other pots. This is because tan does not retain heat like a black pot would and is another particularly useful feature for ensuring the health of your microbes.

The beds are available in two versions; Basic Fittings and Trellis Fittings. Beds with Basic Fittings come as a simple bed setup (fabric, corners and support poles). Beds with Trellis Fittings come with a built in vertical frame. This is particularly useful for some growers as it provides an easy to assemble frame which you can support your plants from without the need fro DIY solutions.


- 2ft x 4ft: 56cm x 117cm x 46cm
- 3ft x 3ft: 84cm x 84cm x 46cm
- 3ft x 6ft: 84cm x 178cm x 46cm
- 4ft x 4ft: 117cm x 117cm x 46cm
- 4ft x 8ft: 117cm x 239cm x 46cm
- 4ft x 16ft: 122cm x 488cm x 46cm

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