Grassroots Fabric Pots


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Grassroots Fabric Pots

38 Litre


Grassroots Fabric Pots are specifically designed for growers using living soil. They are made to an incredibly high standard over standard fabric pots and boast a whole host of useful features. They are available in wide range of sizes to suit various grow spaces.

Why Use Grassroots Pots

Standard fabric pots are made from a breathable material which allows for excellent drainage and air pruning of your roots over plastic pots. The medium in these fabric pots tends to dry quickly from the sides and bottom and allows you to water more frequently and in turn get better results. However it presents and interesting problem for living soil growers. Living soil relies on microbial activity in the medium in order for it to work and therefore is required to be kept far more moist in comparison to more 'conventional' soil growing. Dry soil is unable to support this level of microbial life and therefore can cause the microbes to become dormant or even die meaning the nutrition from the soil cannot be unlocked and made available. It essentially makes the soil around the edges of the pot redundant. 

This is where Grassroots has the answer with MoistureLock! MoistureLock is a strip of bpa-free waterproof plastic which is sewn around the inside of the container. The idea of this strip is to prevent your pots from drying out from the sides and directing the water downwards, mimicking how it would drain in nature. This results in less water escaping from the pot and your medium remaining moist for longer. You will find you will need to use less water but still get great microbial activity and results compared to standard fabric pots. The other great benefit of less water escaping is you will find your grow room humidity levels do not creep up as much so you have better overall control on your environment.

All pots feature a 4" section around the bottom which does not have the MoistureLock strip on it. This still allows for some root pruning action which is beneficial to your plant as well as ample drainage. You will notice that all Grassroots Pots are tan colour as oppose to black. This is because tan does not retain heat like a black pot would and is another particularly useful feature for ensuring the health of your microbes.


- 38L: 41cm x 30cm

- 56L: 46cm x 36cm

- 76L: 51cm x 38cm

- 115L: 61cm x 41cm

- 170L: 69cm x 46cm 

- 245L: 81cm x 46cm

- 380L: 97cm x 51cm


Questions & Answers

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  • Hi are these designed to be used outside and above ground?

    Hi there,

    These pots can be utilised both indoor and outdoor as they are designed as a dual purpose pot. 

    Kind Regards,

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