Grow Tent 3m x 3m Complete Kits


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Take the guesswork out of speccing your grow tent. Get all the equipment you need to get setup at a great price with one of our complete kits! All you need to do is add your choice of hydroponic system or pots and nutrients and you can get growing!

All our kits contain a choice of of lighting options to suit everyones needs and budgets. As well as this we have opted for the industry leading inline fan and carbon filter combo; Systemair RVK and CarboAir in all our setups which each has the option of combi or acoustic ducting. Every component has been carefully selected by our experts so you can rest assured you will be getting fantastic results without the hassle associated with cheap and inferior products and setups.

This 300cm x 300cm Complete Kit contains:

1x BudBox Titan 3 OR BudBox Titan 3 HL Grow Tent
1x Systemair RVK & CarboAir Extraction Kit - 200mm L (with your choice of ducting)
1x Systemair RVK200A Fan (with clips and your choice of ducting)
4x Pair of Rope Ratchets
1x Heavy Duty Contactor/Timer


Your choice of one the following lighting options:

4x 600w Adjust-a-Wing Enforcer Magnetic Lighting Kit
4x 600w Adjust-a-Wing Enforcer Digital Lighting Kit
4x 630w Lumatek CDM Tekken Hammertone Reflector Lighting Kit
4x Lumatek Zeus 600w Pro 2.9 LED Grow Light
Reviews & Questions

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