Hesi Hydro Growth


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Hesi Hydro Growth is a one part, easy-to-use hydroponic feed, enriched with plant-active elements that increase your plants energy and help to maintain health flora in the growing media.  Hesi use only the highest quality, pure ingredients, with no fillers, which means no residue.

How it works

Hesi Hydro Growth contains proportionally more nitrogen components than Hydro Bloom. This is because during the growth phase your plants will use lots more nitrogen, for the production of new parts. The key blend of ingredients are designed for the growth period, for use in re-circulating or passive hydroponic systems. It contains very complex binding agents that stabilise trace elements, vitamins and other vital essential elements that care for your plant and optimise growth.

How to use Hesi Hydro Growth

The Hesi Feed Chart recommend use of Hesi Hydro Growth throughout the entire growth cycle. Hesi provide a clear feeding schedule for simple application, or as a starting point for the dosages to be applied.

We highly recommend using this product alongside Hesi’s exceptional hydroponic nutrient & additives range. It works in harmony alongside Hesi TNT Complex, Root Complex, PK 13/14. Hesi Boost is available in 1L, 5L and 10L bottles.

Reviews & Questions

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