Hesi Phosphorous Plus


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Hesi Phosphorus Plus is a powerful flowering amplifier that is used in conjunction with Hesi Bloom Complex to provide your plants with the added phosphorus and potassium they require as they develop through flowering.

How it works

Phosphorus contributes to the extra formation of flowers during this vital time, the added potassium facilitates quick nutrient transport to the flowers. The blend of top quality ingredients used in phosphorus plus ensures the plants absorb all the nutrients offered to them at this time. This ensures no residues are left behind and the formation of your flowers will be more powerful.

How to use Hesi Phosphorus Plus

Hesi recommend that you add Phosphorus Plus to your feeding water in the second half of the flowering phase alongside Hesi Bloom Complex. The Hesi Feed Chart recommends use at at a rate of 25ml/10L of water. It is possible to use Hesi pH Plus for all forms of phosphorus or potassium deficiency.

We highly recommend using this product alongside Hesi’s exceptional nutrient & additives range. It works in harmony alongside Hesi Bloom Complex, Hesi SuperVit, PK 13/14. Hesi Boost is available in 1L, 5L and 10L bottles.

Reviews & Questions

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