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Hesi Powerzyme

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Hesi PowerZyme is a potent growth stimulator. This top quality product ensures optimum root health throughout your entire growth cycle. It is especially useful during the early stages of your plant’s life. PowerZyme contains powerful enzymes that work to break down dead root and plant matter, this is then converted into sugars that the plant can use.

How It Works

PowerZyme is a cellulase extract from Trichoderma. It is well know that Trichoderma is one of the best beneficial fungi for breaking down dead plant matter and converting it into dextrose (sugars) for your plant to then use. The dextrose serves as source of nutrition for your plants. By adding PowerZyme and continually breaking down the dead and decaying matter in the growing medium ensures an oxygen-rich environment for your roots and helps to prevent disease and improve biological life within the substrate. Your plants can also benefit from an improved ability to uptake nutrients by adding PowerZyme.

How To Use Hesi PowerZyme

Hesi recommend to use PowerZyme throughout the entire life cycle of your plant at a rate of 20ml per 10 litres of water. If growing in a hydroponic or irrigation system this can be added to your tank as usual. If hand-watering your plants some growers opt to use PowerZyme only 1-2 times per week as this is usually enough to get the full benefits of the product. 

IMPORTANT: Do not use any products containing Hydrogen Peroxide with PowerZyme as this will kill off the beneficial bacteria.

Hesi PowerZyme is available in 1 Litre and 5 Litre bottles.


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