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Hesi SuperVit contains a wealth of vital ingredients for optimal plant health. The 25 plant-active elements provide a source of strength for your plants in the soil. Plants will experience abundant floral production as SuperVit stimulates the immense production of growth and flowering hormones in plants.

How it works

SuperVit is a blend of 10 amino acids and 15 vitamins. These key components play a huge role in the metabolism of a plant; they are the building blocks of plant hormones, chlorophyll and enzymes.

These building blocks are naturally created by plants from minerals. The benefit with Hesi SuperVit is that they are supplied with the key substances in a potent ready-to-use form. This will save a vast amount of time and energy for your plants and this is noticeable as you will visibly see an improvement in the growth and flowering, due to the optimised health of your plants. Floral production will be boosted, as well as improved light absorption and increased plant metabolism.

How to use Hesi SuperVit

Hesi SuperVit is suitable for all periods of the plant’s growing cycle. The Hesi Feed Chart recommends use regularly during your plants entire life cycle at a rate of 1 drop per 4/5L of water for extra energy, right up until flush. This will result in a larger yield and stronger flowers. The 10ml bottle has a dropper top that lets out one drop at a time, each drop does 4-5 litres of nutrient solution.

We highly recommend using this product alongside Hesi’s exceptional nutrient & additives range. It works in harmony alongside Hesi TNT Complex, Root Complex, PK 13/14. Hesi Boost is available in 10ml, 50ml, 100ml and 500ml bottles.

Reviews & Questions

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