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Hesi TNT Complex

1 Litre

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Hesi TNT Complex is a powerful growth supplement, which is gentle on plants. This top class growth stimulator ensures optimised root health during your plants entire cycle. This innovative complex works by breaking down dead root matter in soil and hydroponic systems that build up over time and lead to the reduction of nutrient absorption. This is why it is particularly useful in the early stages of your plants life to encourage healthy root growth.

How It Works

TNT Complex uses 100% organic nitrogen. This nitrogen has no EC value because they are not salts, however they do contain a high level of nitrogen. This provides new plants with a minimal amount of salts, which is key for perfect growing conditions. Therefore, it will appear to have a low EC value, whilst delivering a high degree of efficacy.

The elevated level of key nutrients has been enriched with fundamental components, such as amino acids, vitamins and plant active sugars to ensure very successful growth. TNT Complex will cause your plants to develop vast numbers of growing points, show a healthy green colour and become robust and powerful. 

How To Use Hesi TNT Complex

The Hesi Feed Chart recommends using TNT Complex when transplanting new plants, seedlings or cuttings at a rate of 25ml per 10 litre, then continue use into the first 2 weeks of growth at a rate of 50ml per 10 litre.

Please remember to follow the dosages carefully, as overdose can occur, and this will cause your plants to grow too tall and in turn will make them consume too much energy when transporting nutrients to the top of your plants at the end of the cycle.

Hesi TNT Complex is available in 1 Litre and 5 Litre bottles.


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