Hotbox Sulfume



The Hotbox Sulfume sulphur vapouriser helps to protect crops from fungal diseases such as Mildew, Botrytis and Black Spot. It also inhibits the spread of greenhouse pests.

The Hotbox Sulfume sulphur evaporator has set the standard so high that the word ‘Sulfume’ has become an *Eponym for all sulphur evaporators. 
Do not be fooled – all sulphur evaporators are not Hotbox Sulfume’s.
(*Eponym: A brand name like Hoover which gives its name to an activity or product)

  • Unique temperature control – cannot overheat the sulphur to create damaging oxides, releases ONLY pure sulphur
  • Regulated element – makes combustion impossible, eliminates the risk of fire and makes the Sulfume the safest on the market
  • Energy efficient – the lowest energy consuming sulphur evaporator available
  • Flexible voltage – can work on any supply from 110V to 250V, with no loss of performance in low voltage areas
  • Manufactured in high quality materials – to ensure durability
  • Ideal for roses, strawberries, begonias, saint paulia, tomatoes, peppers and gerbera

    Temperature regulation is important to ensure the sulphur is vapourised at just the right temperature. The Hotbox Sulfume cannot produce oxides of sulphur.

    Sulphur in the greenhouse will prevent damage to crops by Powdery Mildew and Black Spot. It will also prevent the spread of other fungal diseass as the fungal spores cannot spread in the sulphurous atmosphere. Other greenhouse pests such as the Spider Mite can also be controlled by vapourising sulphur. As the Sulfume cup is positioned centrally on the heating element, even distribution of the sulphur is ensured by the natural venturi effect. We can guarantee that no burning of sulphur will occur. We ensure the regulation of temperature is accurate, therefore any danger of burning or producing unwanted oxides is eliminated.

Technical Specification

  • Coverage: Crop dependent
  • Voltage: 100 Volts to 240 Volts (Voltage independent)
  • Power: 45 Watts (120 Watts)
  • Size: 13cm diameter, 18cm height

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Hotbox Sulfume

Hotbox Sulfume