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House and Garden Aqua Flakes A&B is tailored for use in recirculating hydroponic systems. Providing all the key nutrients in a bio available formula, resulting in more effective nutrient absorption, resulting in rapid, healthy plant growth. Perfect for recirculating systems such as the Multi-Duct NFT System, IWS Flood and Drain Pro Systems, IWS DWC Systems or utilising expanded clay pebbles, rockwool.

How It Works

Aqua Flakes A&B is a base nutrient, loaded with all the nutrients your plants need for optimised growth. The composition encourages explosive transfer of nutrients from fertigation into the foliage. The blend of ingredients is loaded with all the macro and trace elements required for maximum uptake of nutrients for the lifecycle of your plants. This highly versatile product is designed for use during both the growth and bloom cycles of your plants development.

How to use House and Garden Aqua Flakes A&B

For use in recirculating hydroponic systems, fill your reservoir with equal parts A&B and mix well. Then add any additives and boosters that you require and mix carefully. At this point adjust to your required pH. Do not add both A&B at the same time as a reaction will occur, causing in a solidification of nutrients and the nutrition provided to your plants will be incomplete.

House and Garden Aqua Flakes A&B is available in 1L & 5L bottles. The House and Garden Feed Chart recommends Use throughout the entire cycle of your plants to provide a complete nutrient solution and optimise growth in the plants’ cycle.

House and Garden Aqua Flakes A&B base nutrient sits alongside Bud Xl, Multi Zyme and Amino Treatment complete the exceptional hydroponic nutrient & additives range from House and Garden.

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