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House and Garden Soil A&B is tailored for use in soil or high-quality soil blends. Providing all the key nutrients in a bio available formula, resulting in more effective nutrient absorption, resulting in rapid, healthy plant growth. Soil A&B ensures that soil and nutriment is optimised by delivering a blend of fertiliser compounds to your plants. This highly versatile product is designed for use during both the growth and bloom cycles of your plants development.

How It Works

House and Garden Soil A&B is a base nutrient, loaded with all the nutrients your plants need for optimised growth. The unique composition of this product ensures maximum nutrient absorption enabling plants to take full advantage of their food. This complete liquid base nutrient will deliver everything your plants need, it contains no bulking agents and is comprised of all essential minerals, macro and micronutrients, plus various trace elements and chelating agents, including humic and fulvic acids.

How to use House and Garden Soil A&B

Begin by adding Soil A and stir well into water, followed by Soil B. You can then add any boosters or additives that you desire and stir well. Please do not add parts A and B at the same time as this can cause a chemical reaction, leading to incomplete nourishment for your plants.

House and Garden Soil A&B is available in 1L & 5L bottles. The House and Garden Feed Chart recommends Use throughout the entire cycle of your plants to provide a complete nutrient solution and optimise growth in the plants’ cycle.

House and Garden Soil A&B base nutrient sits alongside Bud Xl, Multi Zyme and Amino Treatment to complete the exceptional nutrient & additives range from House and Garden.

For help with these products and how to use them, including ingredients and reviews please call us or check out website.

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