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Hydrotops Bactivator is 100% organic bio-stimulation for your plants and a natural foundation for a healthy and efficient root system. Bactivator offers unrivalled results leading to enhanced, compact vegetative growth and profuse flower and fruit production. As well as this Bactivator improves your plants natural defences and will help to prevent root diseases and make your crop more resistant to pests.

How It Works

Hydrotops Bactivator is comprised of two components.

The first is a unique blend of over 40 carefully selected and cultured beneficial microbes and fungi in a latent state specially blended with amino acids and extracts of Fulvic and Humic acid. Unlike some other brands, this blend will remain stable in this state indefinitely until activated meaning you do not have to worry about the use-by dates!

The second component is a liquid blend of plant hormones, enzymes, and microbial catalysts designed to stimulate root function and sustain the microbial culture during the initial stages of inoculation.

The microbes in Bactivator form a symbiotic relationship with the roots of your crop and convert waste material into usable plant nutrients. This helps to ensure optimum nutrient uptake and oxygen assimilation throughout all stages of growth.

How To Use Hydrotops Bactivator

Hydrotops recommend using Bactivator throughout the entire growth cycle for the very best results, however if you wish to reduce the amount you use then we suggest to use throughout the vegetative period and also if and when you repot/transplant your plants. Bactivator is suitable for all growing mediums and hydroponic systems.

Bactivator is supplied as two components; tablets and a catalyst liquid. Firstly get a jug of approx 500ml lukewarm water and add one tablet for every 50 litres of nutrient solution you will be using (you cannot overdose so if you have less than 50 litres just use one tablet). Gently mix the tablet into the water until it dissolves. Now add 10ml of catalyst liquid for every tablet that you have used and stir. Then add this water to your main nutrient solution and feed your plants as normal.

The effects of Bactivator can be increased if you add aeration to your nutrient tank from a suitable air pump and air stone. You will notice the solution will froth up initially when you do this, do not be alarmed this is perfectly normal!

IMPORTANT! Do not use Hydrogen Peroxide products (Liquid Oxygen etc) with Bactivator as this will kill off the beneficial microbes.

Bactivator works well when combined with products such as Root Stim and Head Start which are also from the Hydrotops range of nutrients and additives.

Hydrotops Bactivator is available in 125ml (12x 50L doses) and 250ml (25x 50L doses) bottles.

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