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Hydrotops Coco Grow is a complete 2-part base nutrient for use during the vegetative stage when growing with coir. Made using top quality ingredients comprised of both organic and mineral-based components, Hydrotops Grow will encourage the growth of strong branches and abundant foliage. Plants will primed and ready to support heavy fruits and flowers in the bloom stage!

How It Works

The demand for nutrients is surprisingly very high during the vegetative stage and ensuring these needs are met will lead to strong plants capable of producing the very best yields in flower. Hydrotops Grow is an ionically balanced formulation capable of supplying your plants with all their nutritional needs no matter how high the demand. Hydrotops Grow stimulates maximum nutrient assimilation at this key stage. It is blended with fractions of Humic and Fulvic acids alongside a complete nutrient profile for superb vegetative growth. The product is pH stable and requires minimal adjustment when added to your nutrient solution. Thanks to Hydrotops' unique bio-organic buffering and chelation, nutrient lockouts and deficiencies are almost never to be seen again!

How To Use Hydrotops Coco Grow

Hydrotops Coco Grow should be used during the vegetative stage as well as the first few weeks of flowering when growing with coco coir. Hydrotops suggest a dose of between 1-4ml per litre depending on what stage of growth you are at. We also recommend using an EC meter get the most accurate dosing for your plants. Always use equal parts of A and B and shake before use.

IMPORTANT! Do not use Hydrogen Peroxide products (Liquid Oxygen etc) with Coco Grow as this will kill off the organic compounds contained in it.

Coco Grow works well when combined with additives from the Hydrotops range such as Bactivator and Head Start.

Hydrotops Coco Grow is available in 1L, 5L and 25L bottles.

Reviews & Questions

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