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Flower Feed is a foliar spray used to provide crucial extra nutrition to your plants as they transition from veg to flower. It encourages strong, compact growth and prevents excessive stretch which can lead to tall weak plants later down the line. By applying as a foliar spray not only means your nutrient solution EC levels can remain the same but also that the ingredients in Flower Feed can be absorbed into the plant very quickly and efficiently.

How It Works

It is well known that foliar feeds provide the quickest means to get nutrients into your plants when used correctly. Flower Feed is no different. It is comprised of a blend of top quality ingredients specifically designed for the crucial stages of early flowering right after the vegetative period has ended. During this time plants become far more 'hungry' for food and many will tend to have a growth spurt before stagnating and fruits and flowers starting to form. It is is this growth spurt which can in fact lead to problems later in flowering with many plants rapidly growing upwards with excessive stem elongation. What you can be left with is overly tall plants that have very thin stems which are incapable of supporting heavy flowers and that may eventually snap under the weight. Flower Feed contains the additional nutrition needed by your plants during this phase alongside bio-stimulants which promote strong, compact growth and minimises the stem elongation. Plants will remain wider with smaller internodes and provide the perfect base for the abundant formation of flowering sites. 

How To Use Hydrotops Flower Feed

Flower Feed should be used around weeks 2-4 of flowering at a rate of 100ml per 900ml of water. For the best results Hydrotops recommend using Leaf Feed throughout the vegetative period and the first week of flowering prior to using Flower Feed. For optimum results spray at least 2 times per week.

IMPORTANT! Never spray your plants during full light. We suggest using this product around 15mins before your lights go out or in very low light conditions otherwise you may burn and damage your leaves/plants.

Flower Feed works well when combined with products such as Triple F and Floral Boost which make up some of the great nutrients and additives from Hydrotops.

Hydrotops Flower Feed is available in 1L, 5L and 25L bottles.

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