Hydrotops Head Start


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Hydrotops Head Start does exactly as the name suggests and gives your plants the very best start in life! Developed specifically for needs of seedlings, cuttings and young plants, Head Start will greatly improve both growth and vigour. The effects are seen very quickly once used and plants grown with Head Start will go on to produce abundant foliage and flowers later in growth.

How It Works

Head Start is a complete and biologically activated formula containing all the essential ingredients to kick start your plants. It is comprised of a carefully balanced nutritional profile of key elements as well as trace elements. This coupled with the optimum ratio of humic and fulvic acids makes Head Start a potent nutrient for your young plants, enabling them to build a strong foundation that is key for the very best results throughout their growth cycle.

How To Use Hydrotops Head Start

Head Start should be used in very beginning of the growth cycle. Hydrotops recommend using Head Start at a rate of 7-10ml per litre on young rooted plants, continuing all the way into the first week of vegetative growth.

Head Start works well when used alongside other Hydrotops nutrients and additives such as Bactivator and Root Stimulator.

Hydrotops Head Start is available in 1L, 5L and 25L bottles.

Reviews & Questions

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