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Foliar feeding is a long-standing technique for feeding your plants. It enables plants to rapidly absorb the nutrients so results are seen very quickly. Leaf Feed acts as a backup to your vegetative base nutrient, essentially filling in the blanks where it may fall short during times of vigorous growth. Prepare to see faster vegetative growth, healthier plants and extensive branch formation. All of which are key components for a heavy yielding crop!

How It Works

During the vegetative stage, your plants will be rapidly growing in preparation for flowering. At these times nutrient assimilation from the roots can sometimes fall short due to imbalances, underfeeding or environmental stress. Leaf Feed was developed to overcome this. It supplies your plants with essential amino acids, enzymes and stimulants to increase growth during this stage. The results are seen very quickly from first use and your plants will appear greener and healthier and grow more branches.

How To Use Hydrotops Leaf Feed

Leaf Feed is a foliar spray which needs to be diluted into water before spraying on your plants. The Hydrotops feed schedule suggests gradually increasing the dilution rate to full strength over a number of weeks. Start at 1/2 strength on young plants (including cuttings), increase to 3/4 for the first stage of veg, then use at full strength from here onwards until the first week of flowering. A full strength strength solution is 100ml per 900ml water. For best results mix with tepid water and allow it to stand for 30mins before spraying to run-off on your plants.

IMPORTANT! Never spray your plants during full light. We suggest using this product around 15mins before your lights go out or in very low light conditions otherwise you may burn and damage your leaves/plants.

Leaf Feed is great when used alongside other Hydrotops products such as Bactivator and Head Start.

Hydrotops Leaf Feed is available in 1L, 5L and 25L bottles.

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