Hydrotops Solo Soil Bloom


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Hydrotops Solo Soil Bloom

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Developed specifically for growing in soil, Solo Soil Bloom is a very easy to use single part nutrient for the flowering stage. Blended with organic and mineral compounds and containing a full spectrum of nutritional elements, Solo Soil is a superb base nutrient and works well with the rest of the Hydrotops range.

How It Works

The ideal follow-on nutrient from Solo Soil Grow as your plants begin flowering. Solo Bloom is different from other single part base nutrients as it is able to effectively deliver magnesium, calcium, potassium and trace elements and chelates at the optimum levels for unbeatable uptake. It also contains organic acids and bio-stimulants to form a complete nutrient which will improve both your yields and aromas without the need for cal-mag supplementation you can experience with other brands.

How To Use Hydrotops Solo Soil Bloom

Hydrotops Solo Soil Bloom should be used during the flowering stage when growing with potting soil. Hydrotops suggest a dose of between 1-4ml per litre depending on what stage of flowering you are at. We also recommend using an EC meter get the most accurate dosing for your plants. 

IMPORTANT! Do not use Hydrogen Peroxide products (Liquid Oxygen etc) with Solo Soil Bloom as this will kill off the organic compounds contained in it.

Solo Soil Bloom works well when combined with flowering additives from the Hydrotops range such as Floral Boost and Triple F.

Hydrotops Solo Soil Bloom is available in 1L, 5L and 25L bottles.


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