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Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop



A unique and potent formula used for maximising flowering sites and promoting dense bushy growth with minimal 'stretch' when your plants start flowering. Alongside this expect to see an increase in the firmness and density of your fruits and flowers and an increase in quality. Top Heavy Crop is the go-to product if you really want your plants to maximise their space.

How It Works

Comprised of 100% organic compounds with absolutely no PGRs or chemical compounds, Top Heavy Crop is capable of pushing your plants beyond what you thought possible. It optimises cellular division and enhances physiological function in plants. Protein mechanisms and carbohydrate metabolism are stimulated to increase growth rates. Most notably you will see a vast increase in the number of branches and flowering sites, the perfect starting block for increased yields! The initial stretch which can sometimes occur in earlier flowering is minimised and the internodal lengths will be shorter than usual with a more compact structure, resulting in strong, stocky plants. Hydrotops recommend monitoring the new growth and in some instances removing some of the larger leaves during this period can be beneficial to allowing maximum light penetration through the canopy and help get the best results. 

Expect to see a decrease in vegetative time, strong bushier plants and an increase in fruit density, flavour and aroma. Top Heavy Crop really is a superb product!

How To Use Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop

Hydrotops recommend using Top Heavy Crop throughout the final 1-2 weeks of vegetative growth and first 2 weeks of flowering. Each pack is supplied with a vial of microbes, a measuring spoon and a bottle of catalyst. Add the required amount of microbes to a jug of water followed by the catalyst solution, stir throughly then add this to your nutrient solution.

IMPORTANT! Do not use Hydrogen Peroxide products (Liquid Oxygen etc) with Top Heavy Crop as this will kill off the organic compounds contained in it.

Top Heavy Crop is great when used with other products in the Hydrotops range including Floral Boost and Triple F.

Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop is available in 125ml, 250ml and 500ml bottles.


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