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The original, 100% organic living soil blend from Indoor Organics. As the name suggests this soil is for life, meaning you buy once and it never needs to leave the pot in your grow room again! In fact not single bit of plant waste material needs to be disposed of, it can all be recycled in your living soil pot! Feed with just plain water, keep the soil moist and you can grow the very best quality plants, whilst still maintaining the high yields often associated with mineral fertiliser methods.

Why Choose Soil For Life

Organic living soil is transforming gardens at a rapid rate. It doesn't matter if you are a seasoned pro or a completely new grower, Soil For Life will deliver superb results with very little effort. If you are looking for quantity and quality alongside ease-of-use, cost effectiveness or even just the pure enjoyment of growing plants in a natural way, Soil For Life ticks all of the boxes! The soil blend has been hand crafted in small batches at the Indoor Organics facility in Hampshire since 2015, this approach combined with their expert knowledge and using only the best best inputs ensures a consistently high level of quality in the product that is just not seen in other living soil blends on the market.

What's In Soil For Life

Soil For Life is made entirely from 100% organic inputs, all of which are traced to source. Each component has been tested over a period of time resulting in only the finest ingredients making it into the mix. The recipe is based on the classic Cornell type blend iof humus, organic material and aeration in equal amounts, plus nutrient-rich plant and ocean based products that are thoroughly considered and stick to the Indoor Organics code of life – no chemicals, no synthetics, no heavy metals, no slaughterhouse wastes, poisons or anything else that is not 100% clean & natural, all the way through!

The heart of any real soil blend is the humus, the compost or vermicompost used to inoculate the microbes, and kick start the process of building an ecosystem in a container that will go on to be a long term investment for many, many cycles. The humus sources for Soil for Life are carefully selected to bring the right kind of microbes; Compost from a Cumbrian hill farm made from wild sheep wool, fell bracken and comfrey. Vermicompost made from worm worked dairy cow manure & straw. Worm Castings made from composted bark, recycled paper, sand, loam and the husk of fruit with the worms fed cereal blend of barley and wheat.

The entire mix is peat free, instead using a Coco Coir base material, which is also sourced organically. It provides good structure for water holding and dry back rates. Indoor Organics also include Bio-Char, Pumice & Buckwheat Husks to create the perfect blend that holds water and air well. These are premium inputs for a potting mix before we even get to the nutritional amendments that create the best organic living soil in the UK!

For nutrition, Soil for Life is made with Kelp Meal, Neem Meal, Mealworm Frass, Fish Meal, Krill Meal, Gypsum & Basalt. This covers all elements on the periodic table, but also brings all of the essential amino acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals required to support life. It feeds the microbes which make up the soil food web, all the way from Bacteria, Protozoa, Amoeba, Nematodes, Fungi, Worms and Arthropods which create and eco-system just like in nature!

There really is no living soil mix more complete than Soil For Life!

How To Use Indoor Organics Soil For Life

Using living soil can seem very alien at first, especially for growers that are switching over from what is seen as more traditional indoor growing methods, however it really could not be easier! Seeds and cuttings can be an planted directly into the soil and you can feed just plain water for the entire growth cycle. If you wish to improve results a range of amendments are available from Indoor Organics to cater for the needs of the grower who wants more. Likewise these amendments are essential for those who wish to re-use their soil at the end of a cycle.

To successfully grow using Soil For Life, all you need to do is follow these few important points:

You must use at least one box of Soil For Life per pot/plant and in fact the bigger the pot the better! We suggest a minimum of 180L of Soil For Life (4 boxes) per 1.2m x 1.2m area as a good starting point. However if possible a 3ft x 3ft 'bed' would be even better here due to the increased volume of soil.

Dechlorinated water is essential. Tap water contains chlorine and chloramine which makes it safe to drink, however these chemicals are very harmful to the microbes in your soil. Water can be left out for 24 hours to allow these chemicals to disappear before watering, however we highly recommend Ecothrive Neutralise. Add this to your water to instantly dechlorinate it and make it safe for use.

Keep it moist. Whilst most growers will opt for a degree of dry-back when growing in pots, living soil is different and does not need this. If the soil becomes too dry, this can have a negative effect on the microbes. Keep your soil moist at all times for maximum effectiveness. This does not mean the soil needs to saturated but slightly wetter than how it comes out the box is ideal. We recommend the Grassroots Fabric Pots to help with this. They are designed specifically for living soil and feature a special lining that helps keep the soil moist for longer.

Check out Indoor Organics Soil For Life Grow Guide here for even more detailed instructions and tips on use.

Soil For Life is sold in 45L eco-friendly cardboard boxes.

Please note we have very limited stock arriving on our first batch of Soil For Life. Pre-order now to avoid disappointment! Our first order is due to land around 12-13th Oct, meaning delivery will be around 16th Oct.


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